Atlas Winterjól Season Announce Official Discussion Thread


Hey All!

Please have your discussions regarding the Atlas Winterjól Season here!

Snow and Ice Call to Dragon Lords! The Atlas Winterjól Season Appears!

give us a better defnsive rider pleaseeeeeeeee


the increase is nonsense we are not getting more glory compared to the other seasons so increasing the price makes no sense to me


You’re kidding, right?


There it is. The 20% more glory requirement. Pretty sure I called that exact number out in another thread. Nice job PG… /s


Looks interesting. Yay on the gold packs, hugely needed.

Shame the rider is the same as last 2 seasons. Would have been nice for some different skills


It’s +10% glory req, not 20.


the complaining started today nininininini


@Arelyna can the season end as scheduled (no more possibility to earn badge chests) however, let the prizes and chests already earned remain open to be claimed for 24-36 hours afterwards?


No I am not , the glory is relative , dont give an opinion being in diamond teams think what happens to the rest of thousands of teams that have atlas


With the increase of troop regen there is actually more glory earned, regardless of the tier you are. I have a lot more troops now even doing glory hunting heavily that I had before the regen change. I’m in P1/P2, not diamond
Not sure about the complain


They’ve doubled troop regen and you get 90% revives on atlas attacks. Ignoring the personal attack that you so passively included, do you really think that those increases don’t increase the glory you can get?


the regeneration rate was brought back to its first level , considering we use to have it once doesnt mean we need to have an increase


Reading this correctly, logs show that there is 20% more glory earned, but they increase the cost 10%
That means that PG lowered the costs


Kevana has the same skill tree to give players the opportunity to have an offensive rider for each of the 3 classes if they choose. I do not know what future riders will look like though.

I’ve already brought this up to @PGSqurl. We and the rest of the team are looking into this one already. I cannot guarantee that this will make an appearance for the end of the Winterjól season though.

Also, REMINDER: Please keep it civil, y’all.


what about the gold prize that exceed the storage limit?


It is literally in the announcement :confused:

Gold Packs will replace all previous gold prizes. Gold packs behave the same way as Food or Lumber Packs and can be redeemed at any point by players. The overall amount of Gold offered per branch has slightly increased with this change.


(and is great news)


This is true only for the very top 10 or 15 clans that can do glory sniping runs on lower D2 or Sap owned castles with impunity. Atlas is fundamentally broken for over 99.9% of the player base who take massive troop loss while they sleep from the guys I just mentioned or the lower folks like me who have no choice but to slum in NML hoping we can hit and move without getting pounded by 6 players 2X our level and take the defensive loss.



any word on when silver 2 primes come out. My silver primes are maxed or enough glory to max (other than taunter; but as low level who cares about this prime)

Will need new primes to upgrade soon to earn atlas points in events