Atlas Winterjól Season Announce Official Discussion Thread


I dont think there is a 20% increase of glory earned via pvp in atlas but in whole atlas statistics results an increase of 20% of total glory earned by all since the regeneration hat changes but @Arelyna can confirm this detail to avoid confusion


I give up. This forum man.


I don’t agree
P1P2 team, some few castles nothing big, level 200ish…and I could complete the defensive set, two offensive sets, and Mallus. That is 4 lines. And in the middle I stopped glory hunting because of the permalost increase.
What I mean is that a mid to low level as I am, trying a little bit hard (but not really hard) I could get 4 lines. Not terrible if you tell me.
Yeah the biggies can get all the lines and have surplus converted to Atlas chests. Last season were 10 individuals?
I would be with you if PG increases 25% the cost, but as a matter of fact they lowered it

Edit: what does count is Atlas Elite, that I have


it is not anymore since the last update of getting 4s to give 100% glory


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the math and details behind this stat. That 20% increase include Dread and NMO averaged out with the Plat 3 meat shields that are part of the alliance?


FABULOUS. So if you can’t handle being hit there…don’t own it.


never said that


The person I was replying to was complaining about the top 10-15 teams doing glory sniping. Thus, my comment.


no problem totally understandable the answer just the comment picked my eye :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have not heard anything about them, but I will ask the rest of the team.


I do have questions regarding the leaderboard, @Arelyna.

Why only 20 castles?

Does the Atlas team realize that the top 5+ teams won’t change at all?

Where is the motivation (prizes or skill) for teams to compete?


if theres a tie then top 50 castles are taken into account
Basically its a system quick hand to find the top teams and reduce the processing time for rank analysis


just ask their ally to poke a low league castle then come for the trapper to trap them, easy 100% glory. ally get the castle and low league couldnt touch Diamond team


It does seem odd that the season structure is exactly the same as last season even though it is clearly broken. Other than level 2 castles (which are very unlikely to affect rankings), are there any castles that are changing hands multiple times in a two-week period?


I’m also bummed there’s no announcement for Silver II’s.


@Arelyna you guys were real quick to raise the cost of Atlas lines. When are you going to raise payouts and overall income to match the exponentially larger costs after 300? And 500? How about updating value packs to match current economy? So fast to help yourselves, so slow for anything the players want.


As a player that was previously part of the Dread alliance, I strongly agree with this statement. A team that is gifted level 5 castles will keep a high ranking regardless of their actual level of competition. Adding other factors will help balance the ranking system and ensure teams that are competing, regardless of the castles they hold, have the opportunity to improve their rank. @TheRedDelilah is my guiding light in this game and, although I’m a first time poster, I’ve been a long time reader.


sorry but when i read “With the recent increase of troop regeneration rate and revival rates, players are gaining roughly 20% more Glory on average. Since season progression is directly tied to Glory earned, we are raising cost of all season branches this season by 10%”
i see
“With the recent increase of troop regeneration rate and revival rates to decrease troop turnover, players are roughly working 20% harder for more Glory on average. Since season progression is directly tied to Glory earned, we are depreciating the value of player time by increasing the cost of all season branches this season by 10%”


I think the rankings are idiotic because the same teams from the last 2 seasons will get the same place next season. We can literally do nothing and get the same team prize purely by existing.


ah and about this @Arelyna I think pg has the tools for new teams created in game to apply for atlas , it doesnt have to be a new rollout but they could apply through a feature you guys can add for team leader, after the application pg can review and communicate if they are chosen or not , just my 2 cents for the topic since many been asking lately .Atlas Rollout for teams new to platinum