Atlas Winterjól Season Announce Official Discussion Thread


I like that approach


Not this discussion again🤦‍♂️

Seriously though, (re)generating more troops should mean more opportunities to gain glory regardless of your dragon tier, @Hwrd, it cannot be played passively for best results.


The team is thinking about that and considering options. More information will be forthcoming.


@Arelyna, May I ask if the gold packs will be like multiple smaller packs, or one big, just like before? I encountered thhe problem where the prize was 1.5-2x more than what I could hold, and I bet others had the same problem.


Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to look a gift horse in the mouth? :sweat_smile:


love the idea or u just gave an idea , instead of making 10 M pack they could put a pack of 5*2M PACKS , hope it gets implemented this way


And still not a peep on expansion to those of us in platinum WITHOUT atlas that are playing the game at a disadvantage being in leagues with teams WITH Atlas. Nice job doing nothing PG! Teams not having equal footing must be what PG is all about! Thanks so much!


Suppossedly the reason to create the gold packs is to resolve the issue of the payout being greater than the storage capacity. Would be silly to do the packs the same size of the current payout (like a 10M pack).


I agree, but the devil is in the details, so a confirmation can’t hurt. :hugs:


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As someone who’s in Platinum, but doesn’t have Atlas…it’s really a kick in the teeth to introduce a brand new season that, apparently, I will be unable to participate in. Unless, of course, I decide to abandon my team and join one that was lucky enough to get in under the previous cutoffs.

Not to mention that it suggests that, at the earliest, there probably won’t be a rollout until mid-April. I have to say that I am deeply disappointed with PG, since this comes across as a huge middle finger.


There’s a reason players are getting 20% more glory: they’re working harder. Raising the cost is just punishing people for working hard.


When can we expect the leagues to become fair again? Sure wish my plat 3 team would get atlas… Maybe we should just wait another 6 months. Seems like the best way to reward new player base that has worked up through the ranks either find a atlas team or get shafted :+1: note taken.


Gold packs will probably be something like 500k so everyone can use all the packs without losing anything. Nice that the rider is the same so, like they said, you can have one for each class of dragon. I just hope spring season has a very good defensive rider i.e -15%. Construction time


thats because they dont care. This isnt a new issue…its been going on months and they dont do anything about it. If they cared this would have been taken care of a while ago. So we will continue to get our butts kicked in events with teams that have the advantage of prizes from atlas events to use in non-atlas events. Makes a lot of sense…NOT!!! PG get off your butts and do the right thing for a change!!


Guys, this is getting off-topic, and has been answered a couple of times already. This is from 9 days ago, but just an hour ago had another one closed:

I feel for you, really, but there is no information about a new rollout yet.


Screw your PG. this increase is total shit. We’re not getting more glory. I’m barely making it 2/3 of the way through now!! Jerkwads


Im not asking for land expansion im asking to get teams that dont have atlas that the rest of their leagues do. Not sure how you dont see that being a topic of a atlas update


Providing teams with access to Atlas (aka rollout) has nothing to do with the season that starts next week. Two completely different topics, while a land expansion is a third one.


My point of view is that I don’t see anything terribly different than what I expected. I just feel meh about it