Atlas Winterjól Season Announce Official Discussion Thread


Yeah and if the player base doesnt keep it a issue then nothing will ever be done about it platnium leagues are unbalanced so i will continue to bring it up on any PG announcement regarding atlas.


but if you keep barking on the porch the housefolk will yell at you. Don’t take it word by word, but repeating yourself is just as tiresome for you as for Arelyna to turn you down with the same answer: there is no info yet.

Don’t take it the wrong way, I wish myself that all platinum teams could play the same way, but currently there’s nothing we can do but wait.


Who are we waiting on exactly? Im confused on how this isnt PGs problem so if a pg employee gets tired of listening to maybe they (pg) will actually do something… So like i said i will continue to talk about it on any pg announcement about atlas rather its off topic or not. Not sure it would really be hard to get maybe 100 teams into atlas … Seems like maybe a few day worth of work … If your servers cant handle it send the extra few days getting the gold teams out so gold league would be fair as well.


You must be new here

  1. Neither you nor I know what they are discussing and when the information will be released.
  2. As she’s the representative, she will respond. It could be Mary next door or my granny, doesn’t change the fact, that you sound like a broken record.
  3. You clearly don’t understand a single word I have said, so let’s just leave it like that.

I’m rooting for you, regardless. :hugs:


Gold packs is a nice addition. :+1:

Not that I am excited about the increase - but I don’t think it fully offsets the hat regen rate increase we got, so assuming that doesn’t get re-nerfed, it’s not so bad. I was actually expecting much worse… so yay?


Why does it bother you that there are alot of us that are frustrated to have worked our way to platinum and have been matched up with Atlas teams using atlas event prizes to beat us non-atlas teams? Is it because your team has atlas and that makes it alright? The game should be fair for EVERYONE and the developers and PG should have been on top of this from day one!


While I understand the frustration for those that do not have Atlas access at the moment, please keep this thread on the topic of the upcoming season. I have already stated that as of right now, I have no information to share regarding another rollout. If and when that changes, I or someone else on the team will let everyone know.


do you really understand? As an employee of PG you should be pushing the fact that there are a ton of disgruntled players who are getting tired of the “we don’t know” answer that we have been getting for month and of the fact that the game is no longer on an even playing field. There are the haves and have-nots. That’s NOT how to run a business that is dependent on those who pay to play. That’s the plan for a business that will no longer be in business if things are’nt made equitable for EVERYONE.

  • Gold Packs: FINALLY though I am wondering about the 10M gold prize, will we get a 10M gold pack or will it be broken up into smaller amounts such as x10 1M or x20 500k gold packs?

  • Elite Gear: Nice, though sucks that I already have my defensive weapon and shield maxed. Honestly what I’d really like to see is a line of crafting shards. Now that is something everyone could really use or it would be nice if we could use a maxed out legendary item towards the leveling of an elite item of the same type

  • 10% cost increase:

While we all saw this coming, especially with the Elite gear being the Sword and Shield, the reasoning given for it is 100% bullshit. Im sorry but the cost of lines did not decrease when the elite troop regen rates were nerfed. Now that they’re back to what they were previously that requires a cost adjustment? As usual, this is a change that is geared towards the top teams in the game but primarily punishes everyone else, just like the BS revival rate change. The average player who VASTLY makes up the majority of the game is not getting an extra 20% glory. If you want to impose a tax for the top 10% teams with increased line costs then go ahead but there is absolutely no reason for everyone else to be charged more for increased glory rates that we arent actually getting.

  • Kevana: Meh, another Swann reskin. It would be nice if these riders had something to make them stand out. I get the idea of 3 riders for 3 classes but let’s face it, they’re all pretty much going to be for Hunters because PG will never start making useable sorcerers/Warriors that arent from the top tiers. How about a skill that increases Sorcerer’s lock-on attack speed significantly or that increases the coverage area of a warrior’s flamethrower attack to cover multiple towers? Riders are so copy/paste at this point. :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


This is pretty much what I was trying to say but got slapped down.
Players with Vanguards can manage their glory pretty well assuming they are on a top team that can go “weapons free” anywhere they want in Atlas. A sub level 330 player, not so much and forget it for anyone down in Sap or lower. Their option is NML, period.


Eye rolling Spyro! I love it!

Also, I have setup Clive for the sorc line so hau gets 10% rage, and I’m considering going the warrior route for the next rider, but might just end up doing another ammo as you’ve predicted.


I have a spare hunter rider (the atlas one) that is not currently bonded so I may go for the warrior route this time. For UVS :+1:



Sífilis had a rage rune that I’m saving to put on Hau if turns out that I can fly her


It’s only an epic rune worth of rage since it’s a secondary effect haha


I really like the whole gold pack thing, it was always rather depressing to watch that surplus of gold in the line just disappear into thin air. I would hope they are split into smaller packs as a 10mil gold pack would put me and anyone else who can’t store that much right back in the same position.

As for the people complaining about atlas rollouts, just join a team with atlas. Yes, you’ll have to leave your team which you may be close with, but it’s your choice to hinder your own progress or to shirk friendship for the sake of improving yourself. You can make new friends in a new team. It’s not PG’s responbility to make sure everyone who wanted atlas was in platinum when the last rollout happened. Truth is, you probably weren’t/aren’t prepared for atlas. Castle turnover is close to nonexistent so good luck getting one even if you were to get atlas.


I think the complains about Atlas rollout are very legit


They are indeed. Obviously broken even more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Of course it is… They waana just keep up the “we know nothing yet” gets old after 2 months most thought the “delay” of season was to get thos teams in but nahhh lets just leave those empty gold 3 teams in … God forbid we get those sand baggers out and get the teams moving up the ranks in. All of platnium right now is one sided from teams with atlas and teams without. My team would prob be 1st in event if we had a bank full of food. But indeed lets talk about the updates like adding gold packs and other stuff to get a few more bucks rather then fix the issues that already exists. Maybe if all the plat teams without atlas let it be known they aint buying no packs untill they release atlas to em it may put some fire under them. And before someone says im off topic i think touching on what yall should have done this season is well on topic.


Your assumptions are over-exaggerated, and you are off-topic. You got your answer already, so please, continue your rant in the relevant thread.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.