Atlas Winterjól Season Announce Official Discussion Thread


Will the seasons ever get more synced up or get different names? I understand not wanting to start the base game season and atlas season at the same time, but it’s weird having “fall” stretch into January. (I realize that statement shows my northern hemisphere privilege. :earth_americas: :roll_eyes: ) I was wrong about releasing both the shield and weapon in the same season and line - this definitely makes the question of what’s next for seasons and gear salient.

P.S. Replying to every off-topic comment telling them they’re off-topic doubles the number of off-topic comments. Often more than doubles, as people are likely to dispute.


Well, to make it on topic, perhaps the question will be:

With this update released earlier than the rollout, how are teams without Atlas able to fight competitively with the ones with Atlas?

By competitive I mean same level players have the same chance to successfully attack and defend against each other.


My main reason isn’t whether how we can get Atlas.
Honestly, I don’t really care if we get it or not.
The problem is, all resources for non Atlas team isn’t enough to fight competitively against Atlas team.
Therefore, what we want is either protection (rather not) or chance to fight.

I think this becomes relevant as the update will widen the already wide gap between Atlas team and the rest.


@Arelyna Which elite gear will appear first in the branch? Weapon or Shield?


Elite quality Weapons and Shields are found around the middle and at the end of each elemental branch, respectively.

That “respectively” means weapon first.


How about a dragon of atlas season?:grin: like mythic dragón atlas or something like that ?


That is literally the only reason for creating the packs.
I’m sure it will be 5 or 2.5 million gold packs.



Off topic: “grabs a bag.” On topic: the gold packs are nice. :joy:


Want to bet the shield is at the end? Doubt they will confirm it for you, but If you put the strongest item at the start, you risk having people only collect the first item on purpose. Same reason they put the main event at or near the end of any show or concert.


But it costs the same as going from start to the first gear as it does from first gear to the second right ?

I personally would choose to go for 2 complete sets rather than, say just the first item for 4 different elements regardless of it being shield or weapon.


Wrong. It’s far more expensive to get the second gear unless they changed that.

And there is the 35% vs 40% difference also. And also the fact that HP is king


Okay. Never checked it my self, just read it on one of the threads and well thought it was the case :man_shrugging:

I know the differences, for defensive I agree the HP boost is far better than attack. However, on offence, without spells being scaled by HP, I just find the attack boost to be a lot more effective (I mean this is biased towards hunters of course as it’s the only class I can use). I guess different opinions but yeah stats wise HP I suppose.


No it wasn’t far more expensive. I think it was 76k or 77k around there to get the boots (first gear) this season. I know because I “last minute” got it.


You dont need them…just gives PG another money grab.


I wouldn’t have believed it if It wasn’t in a chart. I’ve unlocked a lot of them and the first item has always seemed to come quickly and the second seems to take forever, however Kis’s chart says otherwise


All of this! Excited only for the portrait… oh and gold packs


Maybe because you’re opening prizes at a quicker rate so you feel like there is faster progress in general for the first gear? Glad there was a chart for you :joy: but I did literally just do it so I knew it was in that cost vicinity


Finally elite shield and weapon! Maxing both soon and then… here we come mythic gear… Rip my f2p shards


Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

PG nerfs the regen rate on Elite- but there is no reduction in cost to match.

PG nerfs the revive %- but there is no reduction in cost to match.

PG brings back the regen rate and the revive rate partially-- and now the costs must be increased to match.

Do I have that right?