Atlas Winterjól Season Announce Official Discussion Thread


You’re forgetting the part where, when Atlas elite was introduced initially, people were getting way more prizes without spending. Which is why they cut the regen rate, it was easier to do than increase the price of the prize lines, especially halfway through a season. Now that the hat regen rate has been buffed for everyone, it’s no surprise they increased the price.

Am I happy about it? Of course not. But I can understand the decision at least, and I’m glad it was only a 10% increase.


I’m ok with 10%. I don’t know if anyone has realised this, but if you’re perfect, i.e you get 1.5x glory per troop killed and you 5 flame every run, you can basically get a line for “free”.

Let me explain. It is currently about 300k glory per line. To get 300k glory you need to kill at least 200k troops. For 5 flame runs, you lose 10% permanently. So to kill 200k troops you’ll lose 20k permanently. As it turns out, there are 50 bullhorns per line which give … 20k troops.

Go forth and conquer! :joy:


Now just be perfect! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Actually not that hard, and will be even easier with 4.94.


Because, don’t forget 4.94 is a giant base nerf :rofl:


I know :smiling_imp: I’m batting around .899 on hits… planning and timing make all the difference!

I’m not perfect but I midigate as much as possible!
With the rare glitch like attacking castle guards and losing connection :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: / getting kicked because 2 defenders showed up and lagged the hell out of the game which happens way too often!

I agree with you it’s easy enough to do!
IF you plan! And hunt properly


Gold packs in the seasonal lines will be in increments of 500K.


This is the second best news for today.
Thank you


In few words, do this cost 10% more now.


The best being…?


breeding tomorrow


Got in-game mail that Atlas season will start in an hour. Here the 9th of Jan was mentioned. And on couple of pictures the 8th was mentioned… How so?..


That may have been a copy paste mistake. I am sorry for that. The correct message for maintenance should have been sent. Thank you for the heads up @BurivuH!


I feel like such a noob asking this, but when are spell costs released?


I would expect in a pg blog sometime today, but haven’t seen it announced. Worst case we know by wednesday I guess :grin:


Spells for Wave 2 will be released tomorrow, January 8th.


Will there be Atlas downtime between now and when the new season is released?


So when exactly is the season going to start atlas maintenance is over but no season yet


I would imagine Atlas season won’t start until around the time of the breeding event. Still too early here in Calfiornia. PG won’t be in the office for several hours yet.


Atlas will probably go down around when breeding starts. It will be down so we won’t have access to invader bases when we need to lelvel our baby’s to breed more.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::joy: