Atlas Wish List


There have been a ton of positive changes to the Atlas since it’s initial beta release. Clearly a lot of hard work has gone into it, and it is getting closer to being a useful, engaging feature of the main game than ever before.

In the interest of further improvement, here is a list of things that could be better:

  1. Please please please restore a way of locating teammates at a glance (you used to be able to see this under the Contributions tab, an ability that was bafflingly eliminated). And preferably add a method of going directly there at a tap (not relocating a Primarch there, but rather taking you there the way the “home” button takes you to your home island) so you don’t have to drag all over the screen trying to find an island you only have the current name of.

  2. Please make relocation time proportionate, so that if you mistakenly give a Primarch an order to go from one home island to another in the same zone, but then realize the wrong Primarch was selected, you don’t have to wait three minutes for it to turn around and travel back to the point of origin. Three minutes is a relatively long time to do nothing in a fast-paced game. Buzz kill.

  3. Devise a better way of finding things on the map. A search engine, maybe?

  4. Devise a better way of letting players direct teammates to a location. It’s a map: why not coordinates? Latitude and longitude? Saying “the green region at the bottom, near the rock” is becoming less and less practical as the map expands lol.

  5. Make the transition between overview and close-up view more precise. Dragging and pinching is still too extreme and wonky — one minute you’re in a moon’s-eye view where you can’t read the island names, and the next, you’re so close up you can’t tell where you ended up. If the tap-zoom were more accurate, this might solve it.

  6. Make it easier for a supporting attacker to find the primary attacker in battle view. Now, when you answer an invite, you end up god knows where — staring at a tree or something — and the first dragon is dead before you can drag the map around to find what island you’re attacking next. It’s almost impossible even to watch an attack the way it is now.

  7. Adjust the fields or sensitivity of the X-out buttons on the pop up screens in beta. Recently, I am having a lot of difficulty tapping on a player’s Primarch icon to see what team they’re on, etc. And then when I finally get it to pop up, I get screen-stuck there, unable to X out of it and go back to the map. I have to quit the game entirely to exit. (This is still better than when it was so broad/sensitive that you could hardly touch the screen at all without getting a “Do you want to attack this player?” message. A balance would be nice.)

  8. Allow us to choose our own color coding, and provide some in-game support to facilitate alliances. I heard that some people at PG think the one big current alliance is too big, but alliances are a stated part of the Atlas feature, so I think it should be up to the players to decide how they wish to team up — big alliances, small alliances, multiple big/small overlapping alliances, or none at all. You may as well give them the tools to make it fun and easy.

  9. And finally, please fix the Rider xp/Glory Point ratio to the way it was. It was hard enough getting GP before it was nerfed in half; now it’s truly tedious. I’ve followed the threads explaining the new ship repair ratio and other factors as justifications for this change, so no point in referring me to them, I’m well aware. I just don’t think it was an equitable change, and it really makes accruing xp and gp kind of dreary.

And as usual, many compliments on all the positive stuff, of which there is plenty! (This list is only meant to be constructive.)

P.S. What happened to Yellow Monkey?! In the beginning, you couldn’t turn your head without bumping into a wall of his commentary on beta in this forum. Sometimes it was annoying, but often pretty informative. He was always the Atlas’s biggest cheerleader, and I find I miss him now that he’s gone lol. Where are ya, Monks? (I know where you are team-wise, but where’s your forum input?)


I agree with almost all of these. My additions:

  1. Change the toggle on the upper left from camera unlock to toggle active primarch. Move camera unlock to a submenu.

  2. Fix the details screen on fortresses. It’s woefully inadequate for big battles.

  3. Make sure all primarchs graphically represented in 3D map in big battles.

  4. Add “follow the leader” routing options for teammates.

  5. Bring back distinct beta banners.

  6. Add available gold to battle list.

Will edit to add more if I think of any.


Point 5 will be fixed in v3.90 update during mid December per Echo post not long ago
Point 6 is not currently on their road map (which is very strange since the code is there in the datafile. Just a simple on/off could solve the problem)


Iirc the plan was to replace the medals display with gold but was never implemented. I’m not sure whether this would be a good thing with the current gold shortage in some places lol


It would help somewhat so you don’t have to waste 10 battles to find a decent raid for gold


Yes it’s helpful when you’re the attacker and you find something but chances are more people are gonna try hunting. Also I would think that teams that don’t have land, and therefore no bank, might get targeted too much. Would also make usage of a bank necessary for primarch upgrades as those are expensive. You’re gonna be very tasty looking when you have 5m gold on you and you can’t send away anywhere near that much if you get hit and have no bank


:joy: that’s true. But even with bank, it’s very hard to supply 50 members that much amount of gold :man_shrugging:
So I’d prefer to see the gold before I blindly fly (FYI, I fly VS 60-80 level above me so at least I should get some gold)


I just want to say. Game starts in bronze not diamond. It’s absolutely crazy to throw teams into the mix with other teams that have been playing a game for a year. I’m really discouraged by this. There are different leagues in game for a reason. How many bronze teams would even consider staying if they faced us in d1 right from the start


U know what’s interesting. No reply whatsoever from any of employee. Guess I should’ve figured. I’m a customer. So I’m expendable. I matter not these leagues should’ve been separated. So we can at least build infrastructure and learn how and what atlas is. The tutorial was a joke until they took it down. Then it was nothing. But as long as they had a good celebration at the headquarters. While the customers suffered and scrambled to understand the new game that was shoved down our throats. I mean. Excuse my French. But what the fuck. The party should’ve been over as soon as the players couldn’t play or learn how to play. There was nothing to celebrate. As I was home pissed about what had happened


#'s 4 & 6 had me dying.:joy::joy::joy: That is spot on so true. Love it!!!

  1. Not currently in the works.

3-4. In an update this week in the app store there will be a coordinates system on the map. There will be a shared bookmarking system to have a list of bookmarked castles among the team in an update in December. Bases that your team has targeted will also show in this list.

There are other things we are planning to do as well, like linking an island as a hyperlink in chat, or when you zoom out region names go away and fade into super region names to help narrow down telling players an area a region exists.

  1. Double tapping to zoom in doesn’t go very far at a time, it seems to be very useful currently? Tapping with 2 fingers on the screen will zoom you out 1 level as well. Additionally we have created catch points so that you can’t zoom too far in or zoom too far out in 1 movement. We are also working on some speed scaling here in a future update.

The other things are either being thought about or investigated.

  1. Good idea. We want to support moving the camera based when tapping on links to names in chat too (e.g., write #DreadZone and then tap it to center the camera on it). Once we have that, we can build on it to do something similar from the contributions page.
  2. Agreed; already have someone working on this per another player’s suggestion too! It used to be proportionate, but we lost that when we moved to a fixed travel cost system. Anyway, proportionate return times will be back in the near future.
  3. Is there anything you’d type other than region names or castle names? Sounds useful. A bit like the chat thing above, but with inexact searching (e.g., searching “Oasis” would find “DreadOasis”, etc.).
  4. Coordinates are in the update coming out in Dec per pgEcho’s psot above :).
  5. I agree that the camera is still a bit wonky. Tomorrow’s update makes some more strides forward … not done, but improved. Looking forward to seeing what you all think.
  6. Weird, we’ll look into this.
  7. Let’s see how the updated camera stuff works tomorrow and then discuss again (in a new thread focused on camera probably).
  8. Team leaders can already set their team color. Teams may use this to help coordinate alliances if they’d like. We plan on adding more alliance tools (we had a good discussion about what to build with the community a few months back … but we needed more teams in Atlas before it really seemed right to build those alliance tools. Getting closer to the right time now, I think. The BBB is self all-encompassing nowadays.)
  9. I’m going to be thinking more about this between now and when the next glory earning event runs.

  1. I’m not sure where we’d put it. We could potentially bury it in the graphics settings page. Nobody would ever use it then, but that’s probably fine. Tapping to swap Primarchs seems very useful after all. Going to chat with the team about this.
  2. Was just talking about this this morning. Agree with your assessment. Needs some major work.
  3. At some point, Primarchs ‘stack’ (you can see the visual stacks) when there is no space for more. Have you noticed this?
  4. Not quite sure how this would work … might make for a rather complicated UI. I’ve seen some teams put green targets along a path they want their teammates to follow. That works pretty well. Leaves teammates some work to do to get where they need to go, but that doesn’t seem unreasonable. Moving an army of teammates should require some coordination.
  5. Banners were desaturated unintentionally as a side effect of the UI update a while back. Their distinctiveness will be restored.
  6. Agreed; still in the future work column.

  1. Primarch toggle way more useful so that gets my vote. Putting camera orientation options under graphics settings is pretty standard so it might get used (if you make the floating camera default I’ll definitely use it to enabled locked camera haha).

  2. Posted/ranted about it here ICYMI (has example screenshots): Many problems with large scale battles

  3. I’ve never seen them stack. Like they literally stack on top of each other?

  4. Green targets using the target marking system at each fortress? Could give it a try, just don’t see anything so problematic about letting an officer mark a target and give a team the option to “move to marked target” if auto routing can get them there without hitting a blocker.

Noted on 5/6 thx.

  1. Hoping we can do this for the Dec release.
  2. There’s normally one “base” that the Primarch statue stands on. It can stack so you have multiple bases (up to 10 I think).
  3. I think that’s a good idea. We’re working on some changes to our bookmarking system and eventually we should be able to have it support routes too.


The stacking bases aren’t really visible unless you zoom in and are looking from the right angle. I had seen this before but never figured out what it was. Went back to poke at it and wasn’t able to select the different primarchs in the stack so this is still an issue. Also, visually at least, all stacks I have ever seen appear to be Tarand only but frequently it’s rushers and taunters (!!!) that are nowhere to be found


Dave, thanks for the enumerated responses.

One response I have concerns 1 & 3: Tapping on links to names to bring you to that player’s location on that map sounds great. And re: 3, being able to enter teammates’ names in a search engine, in addition to regions and islands, would be useful, although perhaps superfluous if the name-link is well-implemented. Basically I’d like to see a consolidated way to find any person, place or thing on the map without a lot of fuss. But for now, Name links sounds like a great start. :clap:t2::+1:t2:


Interesting, I wouldn’t expect stacking to differ by type. I think the best answer I can give is that we’re getting ready to start an overhaul of the Primarch list page … which seems to be the go-to for figuring out what’s going on in big battles (even in its current messy state). Let’s see how far we can get with that, and then circle back to trying to cleanup the 3D portion … big battles are messy and it seems like the 3D view currently represents that (I’m kidding a bit, obviously the intention isn’t to confuse the UX in this way … but serious about working on the list first; if we can get that right we’ll be in a better place I think).


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