Atlas won’t load

Anyone else experiencing an issue loading atlas where it’s downloading 0/1 and times out due to network issues? I can assure it’s not a network issue. Reinstalled and all on multiple networks.

My phone just has to install 44 files randomly when trying to access atlas. But it was able to complete so might be a different issue :woman_shrugging:

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It’s soooo friggin slow man.


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All my screens are slow on droid :frowning:

Spinning wheel of death

Fixed it. After having the issue originally, it was fixed when I restarted and joined my original wifi network. Odd.

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At least you even had a loading bar to begin with :joy::joy::joy:

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Had this problem earlier. When I got 44/45 I hard closed the game, then restarted and got 0/1 and just left it like that. Took about 5-7 minutes until it finally loaded and opened OK.

edit. iOS here

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