Atlas World Map

So as here is a an idea I decided to try out and got an much better result than expected, I think this can be very useful even tho is just a static map, but is easy to map out where your castles are located etc…

I think some teams will find this useful.

Atlas Map

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I was really hoping it was 6 billion pixels by 4 billions so we could zoom in and see team names.

I know that PG released a high def map in their release.


I was kinda hoping for that too :sweat_smile:

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I’m running a 1070 on a 3 year old amd cpu.(medium gaming rig) This actually took about an hour of compile time. xd, not just the graphics but the code data is large as well.

I can add teams and custom colors to this map just like they show in the game, I suspect that will take several hours of compile time tho.

They did? mind pointing me to it?

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I found this but I remember a nicer one somewhere.

Western Release:

South Half Release:

Zesty posted the North Half Release but I can’t remember which announcement thread it’s a part of

Curious was this one provided by PG?

@mechengg thanks, I have seen those before, completely forgot they existed tho.

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Yeah I got it out of the plat rollout announcement thread from this past summer


Here is a tool that I can make public if PG Provide public API's

This can be fully customized by the way, and I made some changes and compiles almost instantly now.






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