Atleas season prizes - facts & figures

NOTE I didn´t check if it is the same for all prizes, nor can I tell if my numbers are presice yet… just starting off to help you guys.

So what I´ve done is checking the costs of Badges for offensive gear fire and you Need 150.000 Badges for that.

So far I opened 6 x 10 Springveil Badge Chests and ended up with 6.360 Badges (includes the 2 Bonus Claims already).

Which leads to the question what you need to do if you wanna finish a branch of 150.000 Badges:

  • You will get approx. 1.060 badges per 10 badge bhests
  • In order get 10 badge chests you need 2.500 GP
  • In order to get all 150.000 badges you will need approx 142 x 10 badge chests
  • which means you will need 353.774 GP overall

I stopped there because even with the best Odds of attack Ratio, this still sounds like an aweful lot of troops to kill … my guess would be somewhere between 200-250k.

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@PyroSax I’m glad we both came to roughtly the same results in terms of GP and troop loss, although you factored in the bonus chests for every 30 Badge Chests but you didn’t factor in the bonus Badge Chests after every 7500 GP so I guess that canceled each other out.

I would be happy to continue the discussion in my thread

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