Attack anyway option when joining with no healed dragons

Many of us have experienced trying to join an attack and being stopped because we don’t have any healed dragons. Can you please change the pop up to match the “attack anyway” pop up we get when we try to open the attack menu without any healed dragons? I would like to have the option to join after being told none of my dragons are healed.

I know some people keep Ryuu in their roster to work around this problem, but it would be nice to not have to work around it or need Ryuu in our roster. Also, sometimes people don’t always have Ryuu in their roster.




Same when you don’t have enough food :see_no_evil:


Get RYUU. Its only purpose :smiley:

@Shimo , I hate when that happens! Usually all you have to do is collect from your farms too. :see_no_evil: Would be nice if they had a pop up asking if you want to collect from your farms when that problem happens instead of just not letting you join.

Lol @Dakhunter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hate it too. Thats why I always keep Ryuu in roster :frowning:

Get ember & keep it at L1. He’s the real MVP; forget Noctua :sunglasses: . Sacrifice Ryuu to your small/LC. This would still be nice to see, though.

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Its too late for most of main accounts if they levelled up ember by mistake! Like me :sob:

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