Attack banners don't show team names


I hope this is the right place to adress an issue with banners. I will start by saying that I’m really liking how the banners are deigned and work. However, I can no longer see the teams when one of teammates attacks a base. If find it very important for events because we do make alliances and I think most of us have teammates that just don’t read our mails or team plan. As a result some do attack members of the teams we have an alliance with and I have no way (except for learning all their names out of my head each event) of checking and joining runs to tell them not to.

With this topic I’m hoping PG will consider changing this and I’m curious to see how others feel about this.


I thought I was the only one dealing with this :joy:




This has been the case since team quest update I think. It’s not showing team name at all except for wars AFAIK

Most banners don't show team

I have had the same issue since we have gotten atlas with this new rollout.


I have actually noticed team names missing in war banners as well.

Just another borked item on the long list of borked things for PG to fix.

This is probably right below them fixing the single replay problem :joy:


Same issue here


Yea thought i just had slow connection… guess not.



I put in a ticket for this awhile ago and PG said they hadn’t seen any other tickets on this :joy: Pisses me off.


me too, they said it is new to them. I sent them a picture of war banner without team name



I’ve had the same problem. I can’t tell who teammates are attacking.


Same issue here :neutral_face: :t_rex:


Well if they want us to submit tickets, that can be arranged :grin:


@PGCrisis not sure on who to tag here but I hope you can help :blush:


It shows the team for defense invites but not for attack invites


It’s a guessing game not a fan


It has been a while an nothing on this. I am not sure who to tag, but looking at the forum roles it appears maybe @PGMichael and @PGCoffee

Can we get the team names added to the attack banners? The only show on defense banners since the banner colors changed.


@BigFredd thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think we have figured out the change which caused this issue. Once we have a better idea on what it will take to fix, i’ll update you this thread on when we will have a fix out.

Sorry it took us so long to look into this.