Attack boosts don’t buff spells

Not sure if this has been discussed before. I just noticed that using the 30% attack boost on Equestor doesn’t buff the damage from his Thunderbolt spell. I attacked my invader base without it and the spell almost kills the towers by itself. It leaves them with an empty health bar, but the towers are still alive and shooting things at me. So then I attacked again with the 30% attack boost and Thunderbolt does the exact same thing. Once again the towers almost dead, but still shooting at me. This seems like a bug. If the boost only affects the lock on attack, there isn’t much point to it. Sorcerers do most of their damage via spells. So it isn’t really a 30% boost, it’s more of a 2% boost for sorcerers. I can see the boost being useful for hunters or warriors who rely on their direct attacks to do the most damage, but not sorcerers. It should affect spells as well.

Spell abilities are all off base stats.

This doesn’t factor in:

  • Research
  • Consumables
  • Riders
  • Rider Gear
  • Anything else i may have forgotten

I’m fine with it the way it is, it’s consistently been like this so just keep it the same and don’t start changing stuff just for the sake of changing stuff. You will end up with more overpowered dragons than you know what to do with.


Is this solely applicable to pure spell damage or also to spells that boost autoattacks?

I know that for example Corthanaks ghostfire blast will do the same damage regardless of boosts, riders,…
But is it the same for dragons such as Aibrean? Will chaos give a 200% increase of the unboosted autoattack damage or will it increase autoattacks by 200% (including the autoattack increase by means of riders, gear,…)

i never noticed this. now that you mention it, i do think that they should maybe do something to buff spells for sorcerors when the 30% boost is applied. seems a bit unfair.

Yes. It is the same it functions off base.

I disagree… This fact significantly nerfs spell like Chaos/Havoc especially with Atlas gear buffing up to 80%!

To be fair those spells are like the only ones that still get ANY benefit from the boosts. Sure they still only multiply the base damage but you still add the extra from gear and boosts on top.

It actually makes those attack Modifying spells more impactful than other times than other spells

How do they get a benefit from the boosts? And how does it make them more impactful?

Lets take a dragon attacking a base. no gear or riders or research on either… use Havoc and 1 hit does 3X normal fire… as it is suppose to.

Now lets take the same dragon but give it research, riders and gear and boosts. That dragon when using Havoc will only be adding about 1.8X its normal attack (i didn’t do the math, but i dont think im far off). effectively gear and boosts and all that made that spell less effective. If you also give the base research, riders, gears and buffs the base is no easier to kill than when they were both not buffed, in fact it is now harder because your spells are less effective! how does this make sense?

Yet there are spells that wouldn’t be effected by this such as Death gaze, Lock down, Crumble, and even to the lesser extent spells like vine. frieze and sand (because their true value is not their damage).

So boosts, completely nerf some spells and not others… In a game that has balance issues wouldn’t it make more sense to NOT have to factor this in when trying to balance everything? It would also avoid misleading information from PG. when they say a spell heals or deals damage based on “X%” it would actually do this! No more of this “healing for 20%” only finding out later that it actually heals for like 8%… Basing spell on “base” stats is just plain stupid. It never should have been done this way.


Do you also want invincibility shield to last 80% longer too? :man_shrugging:

Just playing devils advocate here

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but thats part of my point… that spell isn’t effected… but others are…

To follow the current logic invincibility should only protect from 100% of the “base” damage… boosted damage should still hurt it… (WHICH WOULD MAKE NO SENSE!!!)

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Corth’s blast is affected by attack boosts, oddly. I haven’t been able to get info if it also extends to rider attack gear, but yea. Between that and his blast’s perma freeze, Aibrean is being left in the dust comparatively :sob:

To be fair your logic is kinda stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

To take your example: Invincibility has no reason to last longer. Yes, gear, boosts, etc increase the health of a dragon, and invincibility has no correlation to that. But riders and boosts also boost tower damage. So invincibility is still JUST as useful. Dragon has more hp, towers deal more damage. Invincibility stays the same.

However damage spells are now worse. Boosts, gear, etc do not affect the damage spells. Yet gear DOES boost tower hp. Gear affects everything but damage spells. Dragons like Necryx that rely on disables and shields and autoattacks are not really affected. Dragons like Airbean get considerably worse because his chaos spell is worth nearly half of what its supposed to do.

Can you not see the difference? Making spells based on base stats is completely unbalanced…

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Then why not make Stoneskin shield block 70% + 80% of the damage, healing you for 50%.
My point.
Why give attack spells a buff but not defense ones?
Why give some attacks skills a buff when disabling spells won’t be effected?
Why give some attack skills a buff when it would simply devalue other 1 hit KO spells?


As in my previous post:
The defence spells dont need to be boosted. They do what theyre supposed to. Stoneskin shield blocks 70% of the damage. Thats all damage, including the increase in tower damage that gear gives. So it’s already adapted to gear, boosts, etc.

If acoording to your logic defence spells are not impacted by gear and boosts. Then it would just shield 70% of the BASE tower damage.

Same for disable spells. They still do what theyre supposed to. They disable towers, as in not just disabling the base tower damage, but also disabling the boosted tower damage.

Only thing thats not doing what its supposed to is damage spells.

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Yes the base damaged is multiplied not the boosted. However you STILL get the boosted damage per attack from research, boosts, riders.

For easy maths let’s say a dragon does 100 damage normally and uses a attack modifying spell like havoc. Let’s say it doubles damage for easy maths. That’s 200 damage per hit.

Now let’s add on boosts. That’s 30 more normal normal damage per shot.

Riders and armour. Let’s say 20% boost. So that’s 20 more damage.

That’ll give you a total of 250 damage per shot when boosted compared to the unboosted 200. Yes the extra isn’t multiplied but for attack modifying spells it does impact the overall damage you do and has SOME impact. It makes dps dragons more dpsy.

Other spells like freeze and fireball. Fair point. These potential 80% health boosts will make certain spells more difficult to work with. But attack damage multipliers are not one of them

And heal spells.

sure the spell still does something, but % wise it does less.

How does it makes sense that if you take a base and a dragon and boost them BOTH by 30% the dragon comes out on the bottom?

Take a short base and a dragon and give them BOTH fully loaded rider and gear… the base benefits more. WHY? The cost of the gear and rider is the same for both, it should be a wash… but it isn’t.

Unless the dragon has a disabling spell which makes all of the tower buffs you put into certain towers useless :man_shrugging:

As i keep saying, its never going to as simple as cancelling each other out.

I know plus the dragon on the perch adds other benefits which i am not even accounting for… the perch adds strength again, which is fine. I just dont think it should be making some of the attacking dragons spells weaker, which it is doing.

But you keep mentioning spells that are not effected by this… why? they arn’t what i am talking about.

It does the same damage. The percent isn’t less. You just have separate damage steroids adding on to the result.

I take your point on all other types of spells except these ones. The thing is it’s far more complicated that just raw whose number is bigger. People constantly punch above their weight with dragons, even defended. I regularly hit people 60-70% higher level than me with very few issues. Others I know can do the same thing by playing smart. Honestly I would like to see the game require more smart flying rather than just brute forcing it every time.

If anything dragons should have the disadvantage because they have the variety. You can pick your dragon vs the base. You can pick your follower. You can pick your extra spell.

Maybe this has pushed it too far towards bases. I personally haven’t noticed it but I’m not flying harbs against maxed bases defended so maybe things do need a balance. But it really isn’t THAT simple.