Attack button gone in atlas

Anyone else unable to attack in atlas due to the attack button not showing up ?

update: i have un installed the game and re installed it the issue is still present. as shown in the new screen shots below i also cant trap anything. and pg support is rather lack lustre in responses and even those are few and far between they also spend most of the time telling me to do the things i just said i have done.

@PGGalileo can i get some kind of follow up? pvp bubbles drop in a few hours and i can’t do a thing to help my team.


More detail please. Are you referring to the attack button in the radial menu or the primarch menu of a castle? I’m assuming you’re at NML since PVP bubbles are up. Not in a safe zone, right? :wink:

yep i’m in nml and i’m in the details>view all primarch menu

Usually that only happens to me if I go to that menu before my primarch is actually at that castle.

Just tested and it works for me. Come visit me at Aligane-1. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah that’s what i thought but i’m definitely there so i’m not sure what’s up i have restarted the game a few times as-well to no avail. it’s happened on three different nml spots

lol i don’t wanna get murdered there is no bug for me getting attacked lmao

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Could you add a screenshot?

added to the post

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it happens from time to time where u got to close out game and reopen it

i have several times it’s all i’ve done for 45 minutes that and flat out restart the device.

The button in the screen 1 is not always shown right a way. Do you see the action Attack in the circle menu when you tap on enemy prim directly?..

yes i can good call it’ll work around for now but if i have to deal with a lot of prims this isn’t gonna work out

Managed to fix it myself unclear what the problem was at all @moderators close this off please and thanks

update :Never mind im still having the issue was solved for about 5 minutes

Any idea how you fixed it? I have this problem too now. :joy:

I had this too tonight. Open a castle primarchs list and its almost as if you were not there. It just displays primarch details with no attack or trap button. Not all primarchs are findable on the map, so it kinda hampers you.

Later I had less of this and more of having to try 15 times before my primarch would actually move to an enemy castle.


I already experienced the problem described by the op in the past when I went too quickly to hit the primarch menu. This lag happened especially on Aligane or massive fights and seems to be on any castles now. I usually go out of castle menu and then back in after a few secs. You just have to wait a little which is very stressful in Atlas

I also got this a lot since end of pvp shield. Especially when moving to entry castles

Odd. I’m gonna say atlas lag

I’ve seen it quite a bit recently. Leave attack screen and go back in. If that doesn’t work leave atlas and go back. I’m sure it’s a lag thing in atlas.

I am having the same issue. It’s neither about arriving the castle nor waiting the blockage time. It’s frustrating because i am now searching the primarchs around the castle one by one to find my target…

EDIT: Solved, probably was a temporal bug
EDIT 2: Happened again, so it’s not solved but for some reason happening sometimes and sometimes not…