Attack/Defense Lag

Is there anything that can be done to punish the lagger and not the laggee? Maybe not “punish” but get them the hell out of there or something. It literally just took about 15 minutes to do an attack as I was frozen every inch along the way and could only move slightly every 20 seconds or so by the defender. Sitting 3 feet away from my router and perfect connection I know this has been an issue but for pete’s sake I would have quit the battle and just gave up if I could have just to get out of this fiasco. Thank goodness he wasn’t throwing hammers or I’d probably be out looking for a new phone

Edit - if this isn’t an issue for anyone but me, disregard. Usually the lag is annoying, but this was on another level.


I absolutely HATE when I get defender lag! Especially if I’m trying to knock out a few quick training runs during breaks at work.

I remember one time I rage quit the run because the presence of a defender was making it absolutely impossible to play. (Wifi at work kinda sucks where my cubicle is anyway, so it could have been my device that was the slow one :laughing:)

Thanks to runs like that, I try to avoid flying non-xp farm bases while at work lol. At least with xp farms, I know I won’t get a defender making my run take 3-4 times longer than it should have been.

(As a side note, I’ve never had it quite as bad as what you’ve described)

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I’ve had the same issue several times and would like to add the lag issue with defending a teammate. Specifically when you go to defend and show up with a dragon already flying or drop hammers and shields and have a tower or 3 destroyed before they are placed. Not the slight delay that is natural but the “queued” sign showing up.

I have that problem alot. It is really,really rough when there is a defender and if I back someone it takes my dragon forever to get started.

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At least you could finish your run, while I was waiting for the screen to unfreeze the game killed my first dragon, while showing him alive and kicking then seems to have used two other dragons on its own and finally unfroze the screen to tell me I had lost and won no acres in the event
When I contacted support, they told me it was my problem since the rest of my family was hogging bandwith (I was home alone :slight_smile:) and told me to reset my wlan router.

Absolutely agree!
This lag routined a lot of my war and beta attacks
Please,help us to fix it,if it’s possible.
I have perfect connection and I’m using IPhone7 with latest IOS and sometimes I can do normal runs
But sometimes I can’t,and it will say,that I have bad connection.
Is it possible to fix it,please :pray:t2:
It’s very difficult to fly like this and it’s so disappointing to have this glitch because of another person with his/her bad connection :crying_cat_face:

It’s been terrible for me for a few weeks now. I pretty much refuse to back players now so I don’t have to hear then whine when I get shot down because my game is paused. I’m using a galaxy S7.Support tried to blame it on my network but that seems to be them covering their butt for a deeper issue in their game.

Oh…my…god…fix this please just had one so bad almost threw my phone out the window started the fight defender put up his dukes froze for about 3 minutes then had to creep millimeter at a time in between lags while the game told me my connection is bad but worse than before now dead. Can there be some sort of thing that just doesnt let in people with horrible connections they’re probably doing it on purpose to lag us out anyways

Quite frankly, I don’t think the other person has bad Internet either, I would assume it it something at PG’s End that is the problem and not the other player.

That’s what I think too Fairy. I even get a lag defending against 2 or 3 players. Network delays make it impossible to supershot but my shields and hammers have no lag. Something is wrong with the game.


I was thinking of myself as an alien when I experienced the same. Dragon frozen in the air, so is the flame or projectile, while the tower boosts nicely add then expire and all of a sudden BOOM, everything is demolished regardless what I was doing during the “still time”.

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