Attack/defense notification request

PG, would it be possible to add sounds when attacks/defends occur?

I know we get the vibration when the phone is on vibrate mode, but we get no notification when in normal phone mode.

Would it be possible to add a unique sound (something to set apart from other phone notifications such as text/emails)? Seems like an easy change which would help everyone out.



It would be really great to have such a feature! I play on tablet and it can’t vibrate at all. :frowning:


As long as we can also toggle that on-off, I’m for it. Otherwise I am against it. I like War Dragons ambiance music, but I dislike pop-up distraction noises.

Settings allow for toggling. Vibrate notification acts the same way - can be toggled per your preference. Which is why I’m asking for the equivalent option in non-vibrate mode.

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