Attack/Defense power ratio 🦖


Pretty gatdamn impressive dude


Show off :eyes::joy:


…I thought I was doing well, but without the benefits of Atlas gear I’m apparently way behind. :sob:


It really, really does help. If it wasn’t for Atlas I think I’d be done with this game by now. :t_rex:


I’ve been on a Gold team. Good people, and I like it so far. We usually score well enough to be a Plat II or III team, but it depends so heavily on our core players that we’ve been holding off moving up - the few of us who’ve done Atlas before are sure we’d just be fodder. Especially since we’re usually closer to 40/50 players than 50/50.

It’s been suggested that I should at least do a stint with an Atlas team, though, see what it’s like before I move up. But I’m only at 58.9M defense at level 156, and based on this thread I guess that’s not nearly as impressive as I’d hoped.


Yes, when I was in my old team (that later got Atlas while I was in it) I visited an Atlas team for a week to “train myself up” for my main team (this was back in February/March-ish I think). It’s a big world and if you don’t have dedicated players you will certainly struggle especially with holding a castle. :t_rex:


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll have to keep an eye open for recruiting ads in the forums, see if there are some good people who might be willing to take me on. Gotta be better than just sending random applications, after all :wink:


You’re not that far behind. With a good rider and atlas gear your base would easily be 150M. What’s important for atlas is to make sure you’re set well on your breeding path. As long as you do that and are active, you could easily get into sapphire if you wanted.


If you’re willing to go to disbanded/empty/low league atlas teams, there are a few lying around. They won’t be competitive, but if you value getting a feel of Atlas over seasonal progress, you could join for a week, or get an alt to do it.




FieldofReeds could have been one, and my alt is in a no-requirements two person atlas team as well at the moment. If A wants to join, I’d be happy to drop her a message pointing her to the team :slight_smile:



You guys couldn’t take out the first microbase though. :thinking:


Yeah thats why its called training, we are reanalyzing how we fight and what we need to do in order to properly prepair… i dont fabricate anything and mistakes are meant to be learned from

That Nec is Garnet


Still shows that microbases are better since usually minimal skill is required for long bases. The need for tactics at all is a good enough measure for me. :grin:


If ive mastered the technique, do you think i dont know how to counter it?


But you mastered the technique and still couldn’t take out the short base. They’re hard to take out, especially when compared to long bases with weaker towers. :man_shrugging:


Ok now i must ask, do you really think i couldnt of beat them if i had gone 2nd?


I don’t know, all I know is that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Pathox die. :joy:


Mistakes happen, i dont mind showing them because ive already overcome them