Attack in event

I can’t attack in event. Say there are already 50 players. I been with the clan before event even started. This is really aggravating. Its like every event something is messed up

Only 50 players per team can participate in an event.

If all 50 contribute and one leaves and you come on board, you won’t be able to participate, since 50 players have already participated on your team.

Thus is why u should hit right away n not wait

If one hits n then kicked n a soloist comes in hits that makes you lose your spot if you wait it out

I have been on the team for 3 week

I have been on the same team for 3 weeks. Haven’t left or anything

But if there were 49 players who participated, one gets booted and the new player participated before you, you can’t play.

Event just started. No one left. Same players as last event

Have you filed a support ticket about this? If so, mind to post it here?

I filed a support ticket

Post ur ticket number here .



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