Attack My Base Feature

Ok the title may sound crazy but hear me out, Sometimes I wish I could test my base with my dragons to make it better but this feature is unavailable, I constantly ask people in LC to do it for me but I want to see how my base performs by me so I can try different attacks and different defends to find my bases weakness.


I request this feature and please see if you can make it possible.

– TheyCallMeFear


create an alt and synchronise the dragons and performances in PVP and Forts.
obtain the same dragons in seasons and whatnot.

et voila

why you can beat it undefended why not have someone fly it for you instead? pointless undefended

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If your base is that weak undefended is it really a base? Or is it just a start waiting for defenders?

Testing your own base could help find weaknesses either others aren’t, or give info when not many attack your base in the first place.


every base can be ran thru without defenders are u a idiot? how about you try mordred or lock jaw on jl and watch how easy it rolls it undefended a 89b base all 105s :man_shrugging: plus its not hard to ask a allliance member or hell even lc to fly it :rofl:


Just having towers isn’t strategic. JL has 3 warriors with the mythic being N-1 on perches. Not even taking into account that most supershots are in first two islands so Sorcerer would be better on perch 3 to take advantage of that.

Is it strong sure, can it be stronger undefended no doubt.

Ask for someone to fly and they just fly. Actually getting someone to test your base is a different story. That’s why testing your own would be helpful.

no it honestly wont!! i can slam anybase in game name and ill video it with 1 single dragon undefended and then ask em to do defended a major difference i probably barely will get touched by there towers period if you are hitting towers ment for your dragons its a walk in park if you are hitting higher towers then your dragons it is not and many have full sets of maxed elite gear to do

mythic warriors give hp which is great defended jl is a whole another ball game period

so since your trying to put it in them terms im the greatest flier around as i can slam everyones base undefended and i mean everyones :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This thread is not about JL or undefended or defending. It’s about testing your own base.

You say have others test it’s very simple. Well keep lumber or food full during fort event and you get plenty of “tests”. I take down at least 1 dragon over 50% of the time and the whole 3+ dragons close to 1/10-15 times probably, undefended.

Does this mean my base is strong? No. Does it mean just having random people try the base shows you what it can do? No. It just shows there are a lot of bad flyers out there and testing your own base gives you the complete control to see what your base can do.

means they need to work on there gear means they also need to and learn there dragons period you are probably still low level so yes might work for ya but the bigger you get it does not matter as it can be taken down by 1 dragon unless defended

I’d rather have members of your team be able to test your base.


right as u defend that i can see but a undefended base is a walk in the park! which @BlameTmQuest92 it is what this thread is about which i used him as a example as hes 1 of the top bases in game period and at my level field

So, since it doesn’t work for you it’s a bad idea?

My def gear is only around 30% of what it can be, or less if you include mythic. They can’t have much lower atk gear, most probably have more. It’s in the set up.

Most bases I fly against I think how it could improve undefended and only very few don’t need much. These could use attack yourself regardless of lvl.

dont work for many folks

my defense is maxed to the amount of towers i have! so i can slam it but not defended

there is a major difference in defended vs undefended as you control your supershots and give boosts and can heal as a defended pretty much does mages which on a long atlas set does mages upfront which you can easly dodge and no boosts or heal which steam rolls

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attacking your own base does nothing having teammates hit you for joys and defending it actually shows where to supershot and where the strong points will be with setup

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Aren’t heavy defenders already complaining about not having enough hammers and such? You’d rather tests waste more?

Unless you set up your base for computer to use supershots undefended in a way you hope they do. If I don’t have a defense I’d like to know my base takes care of it’s own the best it can.

lmao they wont allow you to set up auto defense where they do it correctly this has already been discussed quite a few times because it is pointless to hit yourself when you can just watch replays

may like to hit me because i defend i dont really throw hammers but i do supershots correctly and add the attack and shield boosts that undefended does not

If you attack/defend against your teamates, I’d assume it doesn’t cost any RSS-including hammers.


thats a even better idea

allow teammates to hit and if hit by teammates give unlimited rss for them attacks and dont allow them to get any rss or even medals

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Not what I said. Using the computers use of supershots to your undefended advantage is what I’m talking about.

And watch all the dud flyers mentioned earlier

Possible, attacking self PG already does themselves though if you watched the videos they did. Shouldn’t be to difficult to shut off rss like an event and allow players to use the same attack self feature.

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