Attack Power / Assault Scores Calculator

Hello people

Today I happily and proudly present to you my attack power and assault scores calculator. The goal of this calculator is to let everyone work with the AP stat without needing to fully understand how it works (math posted here).
You can change up your equipment and see what difference it will make in your AP, you can compare your dragons’ AP and I guess most importantly, let it calculate the score you would get for every assault base depending on the dragons you intend to use.

Please be aware that actual scores might vary in a range of [±1] because the bases’ DP values are currently not available in high accuracy.
Also make sure to read the “READ ME” sheet as an input before using the calculator

I’ll try to update this post with the newest file whenever new dragons or other content affecting AP is released. If you find any mistakes in the file, feel free to message me so I can optimize it (if possible).

You can get a copy of the file here:


Older files:

v1.0 - v1.6

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Added new levels to Prospero

  • Added Aithne as a rider option
  • Added Grumuk as a dragon option
  • Increased max level to 150 in prospect of new dragon tier and tower levels coming soon

Release - v1.3

  • Added radiant tier lineage dragons
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Release - v1.4

  • Added new divine dragons
  • Added new levels up to 155

Release - v1.5

  • Added Artisan bases to the assault calculator

Release - v1.6

  • Updated Hildr with resurrection stats
  • Updated a couple of riders

Release - v1.7

  • Added festive dragon “Pezizo”
  • Added new levels up to 160
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