Attack power of perched dragons

Beyond the obvious ones (dragon tier and level) what are the variables influencing the attack power of a dragon in a perch? I am wondering for example if their class changes something, if being mythic or legendary changes something, and what Could be the reason why my amaruhk has 1.7b ap while ketchuri, which is same level, 2.1b

Perch level
Dragon tier (only for low tiers, higher tiers all have the same multiplier)
Dragon class
Dragon DPS (including research, not including runes)


Thanks :blush: so the attack / defense boosts applied to islands do not have effect, nor the tower attack/defense bonuses of the defensive rider bound to the dragon ?

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Oh yes those too of course, as well as boosts applied on defense. But that’s the same for any defensive tower.


Feeding it is a big one as well.

Reyze for example does 1.5bn unfed and almost 2bn fed. ( more if you have all the warrior reseach )

Amorok2 should go up to 2bn once he evolves.

I reckon your warrior reseach might be a bit behind compared to your other classes and thats causing the difference.

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