Attack Primarchs Issue

So since end of pvp atlas has started and now I find if there is more then one taunter you can’t hit the same taunter twice. It makes you hit all the other taunters and it doesn’t tell you till after your already in the attack screen looking at the base. Also same thing if your trapped now. Let’s you go to attack another primarch and before it loads the attack it kicks you and tells you your trapped. What happen to automatically letting you hit who trapped you. Anyone else experiencing this.


Yes. This is exactly why I came to the forums right now. It’s really frustrating.

Yup. Wasted time going from attack screen with a lil pop up saying i got taunted first…and back to the start

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Its really annoying, you attack once, go back to attack second time but damn crap this pop up :point_up_2:t2:, you are trying again and again, meanwhile they clear your primarch :joy:


Yep I was confused seeing this last night too.

yep. used to be if you were taunted you could attack any taunter. now this stupid popup and it doesnt tell you who. costs many seconds attack which is fatal. this is a bad bug.

Happened to me last night too. Was pretty annoying.

We’re already looking into what is going on here.


i had an issue attacking the trapper that had me trapped. said i had to kill the trapper first but wouldn’t let me attack it

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