Attack screen bug

On iPad Air 2. I noticed that if I try to scroll the targets list too quickly after the attack screen loads, the base behind the target list reacts to my finger instead of the list itself. When that happens, there is no way to make the list scroll other than going out of the attack screen and back in.

I have never seen this happen before today. For now, I wait a second before touching my iPad after the attack screen loads to keep that from happening.

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I get an error like this frustratingly frequently on my iPad Pro. I’m really hating the new UI because it takes more steps to fix it when it glitches like this.


Similar “bug” has been around for a while. The attack screen will lock up.
Next time this happens when you scroll to fast, click the “add to bookmarks” button. Then hit no. It releases the lock on the screen.

Let me know if it works for your specific issue.

This works on iPhone 7/SE/Ipad air

I tried that but it didnt work. This was different from the issue you are speaking of, I have seen that type of lockout for as long as I have played the game and know about the Bookmark trick for it.

This one is new, first time I saw it was today and it happened several times. I also tried clicking attack and backing out. Tried hiding and unhiding the panel. Nothing worked except leaving the attack screen.

The other option is to go further into the attack screen and then go into the egg mission screen. That one fixes it for me. But like I said, more steps to fix the issue is a major pain in the ass.


Happens to me too. Bookmark or attempting to press anything other than the back button doesn’t fix it

I have an iPhone 6s and an old-as-dirt iPad

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Same for me, but ‘add to bookmark/No’ or going into token mission trick always resolves for me.

Same problem, but the only option I have is to quit and go back in. I am on an Iphone

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