Attack value Perch

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Does the perch have its own attack value, depending on the level of its level?
Or does the attack power of the dragon sitting on the perch count?

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Both. The attack value of the perch is based on the (base) attack of the dragon sitting on it, times a multiplier. The multiplier goes up as the perch gets to a higher level.

You can see the attack values of the perch at each level with different dragons on it here:


So the attack value of the dragon on the perch is multiplied by the value in the column dmg/sec?

No, dmg/sec is the resulting end damage, that can be compared to the damage of other towers.

Would it increase the damage if I equipped the dragon with runes for the attack?

No, dragon runes have no effect on the perch at all.

Thanks a lot Morreion for the quick answers.


feed it for attack boost

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