Attacked in the neutral zone?


So something strange happened and I am curious if it has happened to anyone else.

I have two prims summoned at the moment, a fighter and a trapper. Trapper was parked at neutral castle, which is also designated as my home castle and had 10k troops on it at the time. Fighter had only 1 troop (freshly summoned) and I took it to a red zone and was doing gold mines.

Some jerk came along and decided to attack me. I thought it was kind of a dick move since he was a level 311 and I had only 1 troop, but whatever NBD, worst he can do is free my fighter. But after the attack was over my prim was still there. I pulled up the battle report and it said my trapper was in the battle. My trapper never left the neutral zone. I moved the map over to look at the neutral zone, and sure enough the trapper was there, and there was battle smoke/sparks coming off of the neutral castle. I lost 7.5k troops on the trapper in the neutral zone.

Does having a prim in the red zone allow them to attack your prims in the neutral zone? Or is this some kind of weird atlas glitch?

Atlas Primarch Swapping Bug

There is another thread on this somewhere but I can’t recall where at the moment. You are certainly not alone in this strange behavior. And welcome back to the forums :hugs:

Edit: found the other thread!

Since that topic is still open can you continue the discussion over there?


This is a known bug, pleases continue conversation it in the thread Liz posted.

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