Attacked while moving

My Primarch was attacked while I was still moving. I was moving from one territory to the next and my Primarch was attacked. I saw the defend banne, but I hadn’t even reached my destination yet. Now I get to summon my Primarch for 12 hours and recover my troops.


Are you saying you don’t like it? Or are you asking if this is allowed? Or saying its a bug?

sorry not trolling, just don’t want to respond on one trend and you meant another



I thought you had to be at one of the poachers, Gold mines, or castles to be attacked. I did not know you could be attacked in transit. Mostly because I thought you had to be at the same place to engage in a battle. I’m not sure but it seems like a glitch to me.

as far as I know, once you crossed the land boarder, then it is opened season ( attack or to be attacked), don’t need to wait till you get to the destination.

I get a warning that I need to move to the spot where the other Primarch is in order to attack.

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