Attacking 100 plus levels lower is cowardly

One of the things I get upset about, and yeah I know this is a war game, is instances like the attack I just defended against. A level 455 using an Empyrean UVS attacked my level 265 teammate in the regular game, not in Atlas or during an event. My teammates base is pretty good, particularly with defenders, and can withstand most attacks from Emerald or Obsidian dragons. What does the 455 player get from this action? Easily obtained resources and no worry about revenge because a player that much smaller does not have dragons that can take out his base. I also have to assume that the level 455 player is a bully, lazy, cowardly and selfish. I can have NO respect for them in or out of the game. However, the bulk of the blame for encouraging that type of low, crass, despicable behavior should be placed at PG’s door. The easy route to stop complaints regarding food shortages was to eliminate the feeding event. The better route would have been to look at production, storage and dispersal of food. Perhaps PG development team likes the present system of big taking from little and wants to encourage it. Regardless, the game as it presently is structured promotes shameful behavior that I can only hope remains within the game and does not get translated into real life attitudes.


It’s the day before breeding.

Folks are out farming tokens, and typically hit one of the first bases in the attack menu with the resourse/tower style they need for the mission


In atlas, or regular game, or war, or?

edit: They won’t get much in way of resources nor glory if they came to your castle or aligane.

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Prob a egg mission! 455 dont get jack rss hitting low! altas if on a t4 they easy glory war easy exit :laughing:


Other than right before the start of a fort event, does anyone actually worry about revenge attacks? Why?
Does it really matter if it was a 355 or a 455 that hit you if your base was defeated?

Also Im 105% sure they dont really care if you have respect for them. Most likely they’re running egg missions and only care about getting them done faster.


Or maybe just farming medals, attack bases with max medals that will cause your dragons the least time to heal :man_shrugging:t3:

About 3 people in this game farm medals lol. So probably not


Sometime in the distant past I got attacked by some big who claimed there was an event related to farming medals (in atlas maybe)? I have always had a bunch of medals for my level (190M supposedly now) but not sure if this was ever true.

If it’s going after egg tokens, I usually hit the shortest, easiest base I can that will fulfill the conditions of the mission. Why waste time and resources trying to hit something harder :woman_shrugging:


If you’re talking an Atlas hit in NML, without provocation, I get it and think it’s horseshit for which there should be a penalty (other than 0 glory). If in game, pfft. No doubt either an egg mission or revenge hit for shits and giggles.


Because they are far too pressed for time to scroll to the challenging token bases which would take an addtional microsecond??

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Yes. It’s a grind. Couldn’t be bothered.


No, for the same reason I use the grocery store 5 minutes away that doesn’t have all the fancy stuff the one an hour away does. It’s most likely just token missions. They wont get crap for RSS and you don’t lose anything so why would you care? I mean honestly might have lost like 50k RSS or something with the level discrepancy…


why so much butt hurt on an egg token run? and for one run? gee, just laugh it off


I use Altimorak for token missions so the summon just kills everything. Hit a low level base and then I can do something else while the dragon kills it. Much faster and easier than a challenging base.


I do it sometimes if trying to hurry on token runs lol

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On a normal day outside of events that require RSS what do you really lose?

Something about this feels remarkably similar to a “letter to the editor” rant. Its resemblance is uncanny :joy:

xxEmberEGGxx and EggMission2 get hit by me multiple times a day for egg token missions.
Otherwise, I scroll until I hit the challenging section and look for high RSS and better yet an Atlas player with gold.

During an event I had 2 level 500+ from the top 2 teams hit my base back to back. My clan mates though it was super funny. :sob::sob::sob:


You have me wishing there was like a Dear Mech… Like Dear Abby… hehe.

Seeing as to how I just got visited by a player that is almost 200 levels higher than me, I’m not hurt at all. You do you big buddy. Maybe I can grow up to be you in a couple of years. :beers: