Attacking at castles in Atlas is incredibly frustrating

Our alliance flies a lot in Atlas, we have some epic battles. However, we get the same problem over and over again. We attack a player at a castle and the attack does not register. I just attacked 2 dozen times, and I got 6 Atlas seasonal chests. I attacked multiple players, and after the attack I did not lose troops AND the player I attacked did not lose troops. At times I tapped the attack link over and over and could not attack. This wasn’t jut me multiple players had the same issue. It isn’t my internet, I have a consistent speed of 380MBS internet speed.

The only conclusion I can reach is that PGs servers are not able to handle all the traffic at one time. I keep reading over and over again how PG wants to make Atlas an important component in the game, wants to make the game more enjoyable, wants more players to participate in Atlas. However, why would anyone want to do that when you can’t get the game to work properly. Why would a player want to fly in Atlas and participate In epic battles when all they can expect is frustration and disappointment.

Call me a troll if you want for complaining, but I am frustrated beyond belief at this game. I love this game, I have spent countless hours playing this game, I have spent years playing this game, and yes, I have spent money on this game. At times this game is so sad. OG if you want to make this game truly enjoyable spend more money on upgrading your equipment so the game really is enjoyable to play.

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been telling pg to pay more for their server.

never exactly happened (or not enough) as the problem persisted.

sounds like you’ve been playing the game for at least a decade, btw. :rofl: -though i surely do feel like that sometimes. :grin:

Attacking at castles with multiples teams and primarchs can be very frustrating. I’m not trying to deny that but I have experienced several cases where things could be improved on my end so I will share them with you

Maybe someone else wiped him during your attack and he reloaded? Calling targets in TC or AC can help you for this

This usually happens when the primarch is on the way to the castle but has not yet landed

hope this actually is the case tbh… :man_facepalming:t2:

“Maybe someone wiped him our and he reloaded”.

Don’t think so, once a prime is wiped out it cannot be summoned at the castle under attack until all enemy primes are killed off. That means during the 1.5 minutes I am attacking he died, was summoned at another castle, reloaded, and traveled back to his castle before my attack finished. Also, I attacked the same player several times in a row.

“Calling attacks out in TC or AC may help”

I agree that could help but we had 20 teams attacking and probably 30 or 40 teams total. It’s just hard to call out attacks with so many teams attacking and defending. With fights between 30 or 40 teams there is just lots of action happening all over the place.

Well there’s your problem! :rofl:


I wish I could like this a million times.

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