Attacking Castle Guards troops not reviveable

So, spent time killing castle guards on several forts past few days… it just occurred to some on my team mates we are not able to revive any troops lost while hitting the Castle Guards.

Is this the intent?
A glitch?
I’ve looked everywhere in the notes and I didn’t see that in the fine print.


Castle guards are not revivable but as I understand it real troops used to kill castle guards should be.

Are you saying real troops used to kill
Castle guards are not revivable? That would be either a bug or uncomminicated dynamic.
(I assume you confirmed revive pools had room and such)

Also this should be review for you, but some seem to think there is 100% revive, but the most you can revive is 99% if you get less than 10%, with a minimum of 66.6% if you 5 flame the attack.

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Based on this:

That’s what he’s inquiring about.

If this is the case, this has affected me too, I just haven’t been keeping track.

I kill 5700 castle guards and lose 3300 troops in the attack…

Look at reviveable troops and seeing 0
Not 60-70%. I wasn’t expecting 100% but 0% has to be a glitch.

Yes I can read, was going for confirmation. As you are aware. As we know castle guards cannot themself be revived, I was specifically asking this. Also there is a number of situations where it may seem like troops were not going to revive pools but were. The intent was to get specific confirmation.

Again I have heard zero communication about battle with castle guards not being revivable. As far as I know, It wasn’t in the proposal, it wasn’t discussed in earlybirds and it should be a bug if we can be certain there is nothing else going on.

Yeah I haven’t kept track on a few either.

I sure hope it’s a glitch. Although our castle would be that much more expensive to take if that’s the case.

@pgEcho can you confirm if Troops used to kill castle guards should have more than 0 revive?

send a ticket if you can so that they can check or confirm this while waiting for pgEcho’s answer on this thread.

I don’t really trust support to know their crap.

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sent a ticket and confirmed that it should be revivable.

If you think that yours is not reviving, it would be best to get the following data:

  1. Revive count before the attack
  2. Revive count after the attack
  3. My Battle record showing that you attacked.

I’ve been getting revivable troops from attacking castle guards

Your personal troops should definitely be revivable under the normal bounds when attacking castle guards. Please record cases that this does not happen and submit a support ticket.

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Is this also true when defending? I thought I read somewhere that you can revive 100% of your troops when you defend but I can’t find it anywhere.
I tested it out yesterday with a rusher equipped with 2003 troops and after a few defends he was down to zero and I could revive all 2003 troops. But I was just attacked again with 2000 troops on and can only revive 1467 of those troops.

The max revive is 99%. I’ve never seen otherwise from PG. Defending does not impact this beyond changing the battle outcome (flames) which does impact revives.

Revives are based on how good you did. As an attacker, 5 flames will get you the worst revive (66.6%) and as a defender stopping them with less than 10% will get you the worst revives.

Because 5 flames (as attacker) also gets you kill bonuses, you still do better as your surviving troops can fight other battles. (And don’t forget revives cost gold hats and time still, it’s just approx 20% of the normal cost)

Good to know. Thanks

Have tickets open for this.

What do u do when the support representative stops responding :man_shrugging:t2:

I haven’t seen a case where this has actually happened. Every claim has so far been a misunderstanding.

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