Attacking Mines/Poacher

Would it make sense to just be able to attack ANY mine/poacher you own without needing your primarch to physically be there?


Are you talking about cross regions?

Yes, right now the only difference is you have to move your primarch from the island to the mine/poacher to now you don’t. What would make sense, no matter where your primarch is you can hit any mine/poacher under your control.

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Good suggestion

That’s what I’ve been saying :woman_shrugging:t2:
It’s gonna be really annoying to hit poachers after new land opens. Actually it’s annoying enough even with portals since it usually requires rebooting Atlas a couple times for them to work. I know a few who are having problems because portals are being used up because they’re stuck with a ton of troops on their prims

I THOUGHT that was what was going to happen haha…but this loses all the strategic/tactical value of the primarch because you have to move it there anyways…

No flying for you.

I don’t really see the need for mines and poachers at all. It’s just an unnecessary hassle at this point having to move primarchs around while they are getting stuck etc. They both give gold, mines give the xp bonus and poachers the shard bonus. What is the reason to still have both? It’s a waste of time and effort for players

Perhaps we can go back to the original set up for the invader base when it was selectable from a team’s castle and combine the mine/poachers into one?

A player can see a selection menu showing all (or the highest ones) shard bonuses (the current poachers) available to that team (based on owned land). The attack would then generate gold (with daily multipliers) and shard multipliers for the first hits, while giving the XP bonus as the mine does now for all attacks.

In an ideal scenario (as areas are supposed to be shared within an alliance) a player could see the best shard bonuses available to the alliance, not just their team.

@PGDave would love to hear your views on this


Basically this :point_up_2: but last time I brought up a similar idea PG seemed pretty focused on having physical mines and poachers :woman_shrugging:t2:

Too bad the XP multiplier isn’t working…

We’ve loosened the ability to attack a mine – no need to fly there. There’s no difference between mines, so that’s about as loose as mines get.

Poachers require you to be in their region, and that’s probably good – if an enemy wants to poach your poacher, you want to be able to counterattack and make them pay the price!

Yes but it’s nothing but an inconvenience for territory owners who are trying to attack their own damn poachers? Can we not allow region owner to attack regardless of prim location and require others to have a prim there??

But you still need to move your primarch to that region right? I mean…just my view: primarchs are tactical and strategic cornerstone of Atlas…but you have to move it still just to attack a mine…come on.

It is supposedly this super large dragon and what is it doing…yup, mining gold.

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Dragons love their gold :slight_smile:

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True true, but he technically did not do the mining himself. Isn’t that a little but harsh on the strategic value of a primarch?

Maybe it’s like Smaug, and he’s “mining” it from dwarves. Hah!

Primarchs are more combat focused and I could see some way of not sacrificing. Actually I think the spy/scout idea would be best and then let that one (which wouldn’t consume one of your slots) also mine…

Mostly I’d be afraid of introducing more bugs to fix that now. I like the less is more theme to the more current changes (even if those all have bugs that need to be worked out too)

This just feels like you are using your biggest military asset to do the most menial task and is has to be in a strategic/tactically less advantageous position to achieve…


The dragon is destroying the dwarves and hobbits in the mine invading it? :smiley:

Only a few measly people took out Smaug in the end haha


lol this is the most colorful way of saying no we aren’t doing anything that I’ve seen in a while at least :joy:

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