Attacking on Poachers during PvP majors


Why can’t we hit enemies on our poachers during protected PvP events? We have a few enemies just sitting on our poachers for hours/ days. It’s a bit frustrating.


Drop your shields, wipe them out, put shields back


Thx Gox, we did that but seems an added step that doesn’t need to be :man_shrugging:t4:


Plus I think not every player can drop the shield, only officers/leaders can so they will be bothered with even more tasks.

My suggestion would be to make shields only protect your own team, not the enemy/intruder.
That way you could decide to ignore them if you don’t want to lose troops or you can attack them while your shield is up as this is a defensive move.



Makes a lot of sense to me.

I’d prefer a system where JUST the island is shielded. E.g. pvp is open on mines and poachers, but I assume most people wouldn’t like that.

So I reckon MareZ’s plan is the solid alternative.

My main aim would be anti-griefing. Sitting on someone’s poacher or mine, knowing you can’t be attacked is a griefing-move, and I would prefer if it is severely punishable.


Yeah, well I also wouldn’t want to be killed on my mine in my own territory just because enemies can freely walk through shielded continents.
I feel like the shield should also leave the blocker intact.


I thought this was the intended design, and that the shielding extending to mines/poachers was a bug. I would definitely prefer this to getting lots of messages that noob allies and griefing/noob enemies are at poachers/mines and can I or an another officer log in and toggle shields.


Closing this; please see my response on Attacks are blocked?