Attacking player bases within Atlas


It looks like the update 3.80 removed the ability to click on the dragon’s dens around islands in order to attack player bases, and the regular attack button was replaced by a toggle switch for map colors.
How do we attack player bases within Atlas now?


I hope this is a bug that can be fixed quickly and not a new v3.80 feature.


@PGFeds @PGDave was this an intended change? There does not seem to be a way to attack other player bases from within Atlas anymore.


Can’t you just select their primarch or through the garrison?


Not looking to attack their primarch, we used to be able to click on the dragon’s den-like buildings surrounding the islands and it would give you the option to attack the players regular (non-Atlas) base. Your Primarch didn’t even have to be in area. It gave you a better chance of finding Gold as you already knew the player had Atlas, as opposed to doing dozens of attacks from the main game screen hoping to find someone with Atlas.


They mean do a regular (non atlas/Troop) Attack. Before, we could access a raid list to attack Atlas players for rss(gold, wood, food) from within Atlas. This raid list of sorts contained ONLY atlas teams. Therefor, always giving a list of “possible” gold targets and no targets of players that did not have Atlas.

This made trying to raid players for gold a lot easier. However, it seems the option to attack for resources from within Atlas is now removed.


Ah fair enough


This change was intentional. Players weren’t using this feature intentionally very often … but were tapping on the dens on accident a lot. You can still attack enemies for gold – nothing has changed there. We’re working on art updates that will enable to better expose this functionality in the future.


How can we attack enemies (Atlas players) for gold? Other than taking a primarch to a continent and attacking with him, I can’t find a way to attack other players other then within the main game, where the odds of attacking someone who has Atlas are very slim. There used to be an attack button but it was replaced by the team ownership color switch.


for gold? you just attack them regularly (outside of atlas)


Right. Now gold is very scarce. The only teams that I cna think of that could have lots of gold are Dreadnought and Japaneeeeze :joy:


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