Attacking players while on a shielded castle

Good morning all. We are a fairly new team to atlas but I don’t have access to the atlas forums yet, hence the post here. If it needs to be moved then please do.

We have just had our shield popped which is all good. However the attacking team is able to still hit other teams on our shielded tile while remaining invulnerable to attacks themselves.

Ie we have allies with us on the tile that are being attacked while unable to hit back. And troops are lost in these attacks. I assume this is some kind of cheat. Can anyone confirm this.

If so I’ll put a ticket in

It’s most likely a bug or loophole, but yes, put a ticket in.
If you login to the forums from your game, you should get atlas forum access if you have atlas access.

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If you want access to post into the atlas forums, log into the forums from inside the game.

Edit: @Lutrus you beat me to it :laughing:

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Awesome. Thanks for the help guys.

Adding on to the atlas forum thing I had the same problem after using the in game forum once (sign in is still broken) it let me post in atlas forums on the internet

I’ve been going at it with pg on this same thing messed up we had 5 castles taken with Shields UP by Russia team using some type of loop hole or cheat

You see how it has a pink shield Like when we can’t hit anyone with certain events going on yah they can trap our players and kill them off along with all rss gold and troops good luck if you were a Dimond team they’d take care of you

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