Attacking riders not gaining xp in Atlas

I’ve tried several times attacking a target that yields 100% xp. After completing the bases with 100% destruction my dragon rider doesn’t get any xp. Why is that?

Which rider?

  • Riders from core-game seasons (e.g. Leilani, Ano) don’t ever get glory from atlas fights.
  • If you didn’t complete the battle before you were killed and before your target was killed by someone else, you lost no troops and got no glory and no rider or primarch XP
  • Or Atlas may be laggy. This happens once a week on days that end in a Y.

edit for a couple more possibilities besides what Mech raised:

  • If you or your target doesn’t have very many troops, you may get no glory (XP). Glory is based on the number of troops lost on both sides, and if you’re attacking with 1 troop on your primarch or your opponent only has 1 troop, you may not get any glory. Put at least a few hundred on your primarch and attack opponents with hundreds to thousands of troops.

:man_shrugging: more info please?
Which rider?
Did U get any glory?

Exp gained for Atlas riders equal to total glory obtained from the attack divided by the number of your participating riders.

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You said you got 100% XP

Were you hitting a mine or beast or somethjng?
Glory is only obtained via PvP combat

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Sorry meant glory. Both me and the enemy player had plenty of troops when I attacked. Rider is one of the atlas riders you level with the red shards.

Check your atlas battle history and make sure the attack registered and you earned glory.
If It does, yes the attacking dragon rider should have earned some xp.
If not then send a ticket :ticket: to PG for help.

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