Attacking Teammates Bases

A teammate just asked me if we could attack each other and I said no. I think it would be a good idea to allow teammates to attack each other to test our bases and point out where improvements could be made. I was wondering why PG doesn’t allow this. :bomb:


maybe because its foolish to attack your teammate. Serves zero purpose.

Want to check out how well your base will withstand an attack? Go into league chat and ask someone there to attack you.

Doesn’t matter if your teammate attacks you or someone else - looking at the attack replay will help you understand where your weaknesses lay.

I don’t see where it’s foolish. I see it as being smart. Why ask someone else to attack and take any rss when as a teammate could return it and we get to see where we need work

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I wouldn’t say it serves zero purpose. A lot of times we go through each others bases and offer tips and strategies, talk about how they could improve stuff and why certain things work better than others. It would be cool to be able to show them firsthand immediately after talking about it, especially if it’s something specific.

There is value in asking people from LC, but there is also value in being able to attack a teammate and not gain RSS in my opinion. Both have their merits.

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This was suggested a few times before, but I don’t recall a recent PG response :frowning:

It could also be a good exercise in learning how to better defend a teammate’s base.


Id say far from zero purpose lol.
Maybe there are other methods to kinda get something simialar done, but that doesnt negate the purposes of what is being mentioned.

You, or a team mate, have never left the team temporarily so you could attack each other? Im still cracking up from the last time a few of us did this. Loads o’fun lol.

Even the hardcores that only seem to understand “alls fair in war” and totally ignore the fact that this is a just a game wouldnt argue. Armies practice on themselves long before going to war.
Well, the good ones do anyway lol.

Id love to see a 3rd option next to matchmaking and bookmarks with your team name on it.
All your team mates listed, including yourself.
Attack with any dragon, healed or not, and whatever the current heal time is remains unaffected.
No xp , rss, rubies, or loot given or taken.

I doubt this would be difficult to do in a limited capacity.
Join/defend pop ups would prob be a no go due to a possible tear in the space/time continuum.


Could help in practicing attacking against defense too. Which seems very useful.

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This has been mentioned several times. Any word from PG on this? I think it would be helpful to help set up defenses.

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I suggested this in the old forums. Players actually liked the idea…and I don’t see why not. Just make it so that these attacks result in 0 loot.

It’s also fun to attack people you know :blush:

It would be wonderous to test your teammates tweaks to their base. Even better if you could attack yourself too. It probably gets a little tricky with resources and such.

I’d settle for the attack button to show up on the meeting hall roster so I can review my teams bases and screenshot them for discussion, etc.


Attack yourself haha. I wish I could test my base against my flying skills. For attacking your teammates/yourself, there will be:

  • NO Loot of lumber, food or gold.

  • Defenders are allowed (on the same team)

  • Auto defender OR defend with your alt OR ask a teammate to defend

  • Replay after attack

  • Medals? I think this would be the same as other bases. If you attack teammates multiple times, the medals earned depletes

  • Healing Pots?

  • Dragon Xp? I think dragon xp should be awarded if healing pots are required.

  • Chests? Consumable Items earned from destroy boats/bridges/hut/etc? Then ppl will setup their base to be a chest farm/xp farm.

As you can see there are many variables in attacking your teammates/yourself. It’ll definitely take PG a lot of time to develop such a feature.


I dont see those things being hard for them to nullify. I would think there are switches that could be set going in/coming out.

Even if it did give you loot/xp, those bases are already out there so whats the difference?
Sounds like they have permanent ones in atlas anyway.

Invader Bases in atlas are perfect xp farms. I never said that it would be a problem

Again, ask someone in league chat to defend

There is another thread proposing a redesign of the attack/defend banner.

Last thing I want to see is a teammate attacking me and me having to check the banner, or try to figure out which one they are (to ignore) when getting 2, 3 or 5 other defend banners

Maybe if we could get a different color banner for teammate attacks/defends I could get on board with this, but in reality, I still believe the purpose can be achieved in other ways. The proposal is redundant to the system.

Why is it redundant? If they can make it so it’s just an attack and you get nothing from it. No xp or rss just info to help your teammates. Why ask someone in LC to help who might not tell you the truth and will get xp and rss. This way it’s kept in house and can help the team

I would go for the attack yourself feature … only because I don’t like to wait for someone to be around. If I wanted replace a treb with a fire turret, I could test that out immediately instead of waiting for someone to be available. Lots of permutations can be confirmed or discarded in a short period. :grin:

You already get that info from players that have attacked you lol Just go to your replay list and watch those videos.

Unless you are some mystic warlock, completely hidden from everyone else in the game, you are likely getting attacked daily. Use that information.

Keep in mind, every time someone asks for some new feature or aspect of the game, a lot of lines of code have to be added. This usually results in something else breaking.

Since you can get similar information from the game already, its redundant.

Could it not be as easy as just removing the lines of code that prevent you from attacking team mates?

Would be nice to polish it up as mentioned in this thread though.

It is taking a long time. Change. Wait for attack. Change. Wait for attack. Change …

I’m anciet. Death might arrive before all the permutations are tried. :skull: