Attacking the Garrison

Has something changes in the Code?
A single enemy player has just rolled his Sieger into one of our castles and bypassed the standing Primarchs, attacking directly into the Garrison. He triggered the shields in just a handfull of attacks. It seems that he was able to select the lowest players from the Garrison List. It’s unclear if they had 15K troops, or if he was simply able to do max damage to the Garrison as a whole. Here is the image, Primarchs were not hit.
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Being able to choose the garrison target is odd, though… I wonder if the taunter redirect broke due to the new change.


I can appreciate being able to attack into the garrison, to prevent the 1 troop defence, but not bypass the Primarchs completely. These Primarchs (below) are still standing, never touched. There were no rushers present to trap, just the one sieger. No attacks on Players, just Garrison, several times, until it bubbled.

lets take your teams taunter for example. he has 7.3k troops.
if the attacker has 30k troops he can attack the garrison cause his primarch has more troops then your teams primarch with most ships on it

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I see your point.
But to PG, if this attack on our Garrison is “as intended”, it’s a flawed system.
Basically, if a team doesn’t have Max Taunters with Max Troops on every castle, their lowest and most vulnerable players are totally unprotected. Sounds like we need to:

A) Boot our lowest players to prevent being bubbled by a single attacker, or
B) Instruct our lowest players to transfer all of their troops into the Safe Zone…

Is there a third option that I’m not seeing?

It’s the sum of all your troops on your prims that needs to exceed the individual enemy prim’s. But I am not too keen on this change either. I generally have my rusher sitting at an entry point to help protect my smaller teammates who have troops in the garrison but often times I don’t have enough troops to keep people from hitting the garrison


Its easy to avoid - put more troops on the primes.

As for garrison priority. It hits highest troopcount first


I still don’t quite get the mechanism behind this. so is the amount of troops needed to stop bypassing to hit the garrison based on the single prim or the sum of all primarches parked at that garrison? if it is based on the single primarch, what happens when the enemy primarch is higher? they most likely will have more troops than you, even with just one lvl difference.

Sum of all defending primes @RogueRon1n

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thank you!

Good and fair change imo. Easy to stop direct attacks as well–keep troops on primarchs. If this isn’t possible maybe you’re spread too thin.

@PGDave may have misspoke here.

To be as specific as possible:

An attacking Primarch can attack the Garrison of a castle directly as long as it contains more Troops than each and every individual Primarch on the castle that is affiliated with the team that controls the castle (not the sum). This rule also covers Taunters, because a Taunter cannot taunt any Primarch with more Troops than itself. It also technically covers Rushers, unless the Rusher has entrapped the Primarch, which forces the Attacker to kill the Rusher first.

As mentioned, this mechanic is to prevent the 1-Troop Primarch strategy that prevented people from conquering a castle.

Also noteworthy: a single friendly Taunter with over 50,001 Troops can prevent any enemy Primarch from being able to attack your Garrison directly because 50,001 is more than the maximum Troop capacity of all other current Primarch types.


We were told on multiple occasions that it was the sum of troops :thinking:

Prims cannot attack garrison while trapped or cannot attack anything other than the rusher that trapped them??

trapped primarch has to kill the rusher who trapped him - first

trap avoids u to attack any other primarch or garrison

Since when? I attack other prims all the time while trapped

Thank you @pgeggtoken for clearing this up.
I’m not thrilled with the outcome, but we’ll adjust our defensive strategies to accomodate.

These rules need to be changed. David would never have fought Goliath under these terms.

A taunter should taunt… period.

An army outside the castle should be defeated before you can storm the castle. If it’s a small army, it will be easy. They are still there, standing in the way of the opposition.


Then just remember to make it so that the logical winner with 500000 troops can kill all 2000 defenders in 1 attack and move in

1 attack captures? Really? Next you’ll ask to be able to swipe your card and conquer…:roll_eyes:

I don’t see the need for that. PG already caters to the whales and pre-beta teams. I think the tough guys can do 4 attacks on players with 500 troops each just fine.

But what about players with 1 troop each? That mechanism was spesifically put in place to stop the exploit. Its working okish. Would it be better if we had to hit all primes first? Yes but only if you couldnt keep reinforcing with 1 troop fighters.

Or 10 or 50.