Attacking the Garrison


In this example, a single enemy Sieger was able to attack some of our lowest level players with rapid fire. He arrived from the safe zone, killed 60k troops (4 attacks total), disabled the barricade (due to a few previous hit and runs) and retreated to the safe zone in less than 10 minutes flat.

Previously, a single attacker would have seen 9 Primarchs and been discouraged, or, the defending team would have been able to organise a counterattack to stop the unprotected and solo sieger before he got to the easy glory in the Garrison.

This example shows that the new code isn’t about one army fighting another for ownership of a Castle. This is a flawed mechanism which allows a single high-level player to farm G from players half their level.

I hope you address this in the next update @PGEggToken


Im not 100% sure if its in the next patch, but i think the sludger tower is supposed to address this. Hope it does.


The Atlas Combat Flowchart should help with determining attack order. If any of this is not-quite-right in practice, let me know so we can confirm.



Please define what “each enemy primarch” means.

Is that total? Or the enemy primarch with the most troops? If the latter, this is just wrong. The former isn’t all that acceptable, either.

How about something like this?
if ( $DefenderPrimarchTroopCount / $AttackerPrimarchTroopCount < .05 ) { attackGarrison() }

IE: If defender has less than 5% of the attacker troop count, the attacker goes straight to garrison? This allows the smaller guy the right to go down in a blaze of glory rather than be steamrolled by whales but avoids the 1 troop on a primarch thing.

Also, IMO, a taunter should be able to taunt a primarch with more troops than it has. Perhaps not a huge amount more, though (see above formula for inspiration). Why shouldn’t a level 400 player’s taunter with 45,000 troops not be able to taunt a level 200 player’s taunter with 50,000 troops? Or a level 500 player’s for that matter? It’s a big enough army to be worthwhile. Std military thought it to seek at least 2:1 odds before considering battle. The simply more troops than concept falls short here.


From what he posted, it states as “each primarch”, not a total.

If a base had 10 primach defenders with 10,000 troops each, but the attacker had 10,001 troops he could attack the garrison.

His example of the taunter having 50,001 troops is because no other primarch carries over 50,000 troops at max levels, so no one could bypass that taunter.


@LethalRyder’s reply is correct on each point :+1:


Thank you @PGEggToken

Players hit the gold mine, etc. with a limited amount of troops. No one does the Poacher circuit with 50,001 Troops. So active defence of a Castle requires players to Transfer troops off at the start of their Gold Runs, and Transfer troops onto their Primarch when they park back at their Castle for the night.

Can the Combat Check for a Primarch attacking a Castle measure against each Enemy Primarch plus garrisoned troops belonging to that individual at that specific Castle?

A Taunter with 2k Primarch troops and 49,001 Garrisoned troops, at the Same Location (castle), would intercept any attacker.
Unless there are any objections or variables that I’m missing, this would save a lot of grief.

Bonus Request:
Garrisoned Troops die first.
If there is 1 troop in the Garrison and 50k Troops on the Taunter, the combat losses would be 1 garrison troop plus <= 14,999 troops from the Primarch. But if there are 50k Troops in the Garrison and 1 Troop on the Taunter, the combat losses would be <= 15,000 troops from the Garrison, and the Primarch remains standing.

Second Bonus Request:
Since the current Kill Cap is 15k troops, why can’t a Taunter with >= 15k Troops intercept ANY and ALL enemy attacks?

To be clear, this proposal is for Garrisoned troops owned by the individual, not the sum of all garrisoned troops. That would be auful.


I don’t agree with any of these proposals. 1 and 2 are end runs around troop limits on primarchs. Plus I’m really not sympathetic to someone who would load/unload a taunter to do mines/poachers instead of using literally any other primarch.

For 3, I think in general teams should have more skin in the game to hold territory, not less, so I’m fine with how taunters work currently. They can hold way more troops than any other prim so requiring a solid troop commitment for the valuable taunt feature seems fair to me.


To build on what Spooky is saying, since I agree with what he’s saying.

Atlas is a team game and your team should play it that way. You’re team should be maximizing the ability to transfer troops to higher level players, that generally, are the taunters. You can contribute 200 troops, per player, per day. There is no reason you can’t have a full staffed taunter defending your base.

Atlas isn’t designed for 1 or 2 high level members to be able to carry the entire team easily. That’s why top teams have a good average level, so not all bases, but a couple are easy targets.


Unfortunately, this gets around a few mechanics already in place that specifically try to target things to get…

…which would make Taunters much stronger than they already are.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Backfill mechanic is still in effect while you’re on defense. It’s basically the reverse of what you’re proposing, because Primarch Troops die first, and Garrisoned ones will “fill in” for them until the kill limit of 15,000 Troops is reached, or one side is out of Troops. I think this already causes enough confusion since it’s not immediately obvious that this happens.


Taunters are already crippled by the I have 1 more troop than you, so I can hit the garrison logic.

IMO, if an army is in the way, it should be fought first. I understand the 1 troop on a primarh and spend lots of 12hr timers thing, but all you need to do is change it to a force >= 5% of your primarch’s troops must be fought and it works. It’s not like they’re going to win, but you do have to fight them. Just like those 300 spartans blocking the drawbridge against your 200,000 solidiers… They’re going down, but you still have to defeat them.


How so? Taunters have a higher capacity per level than all other Primarchs.

I think the problem is not in the number of Troops involved––it’s trivial to smash a 300-Troop army with a 25k-Troop one. The real problem this created is that each battle takes a minimum amount of time to fly through the base. In this time, more reinforcements can arrive and more Troops can be made, so it becomes a problem just like if you were trying to bail water out of your leaky boat with a bucket while the enemy is drilling more holes in the hull. Eventually, the bucket just isn’t big enough to keep up. Ultimately, it becomes a time problem.


How so? Taunters have a higher capacity per level than all other Primarchs.

Except another taunter.


Sure, if the other Taunter is higher level with more Troops on it, then it can bypass the defending Taunter. Equal level Taunters have the same stats though. You could use a taunter to attack the Garrison directly, but it’d be a very poor use of Troops with Taunters having the second-lowest attack rating of all the Primarchs.


Is this still the case? We had an encounter where a lone prime attacked our new fort and I had moved my rusher to trap him, then my team moved some seigers and destroyers there to take him out, but he was still able to attack them without attacking me.


Should be, we haven’t made any changes that I’m aware of. Was your Rusher at full capacity to get the maximum trap timer?


Yep! Should have been a 5 min trap time but the sieger didn’t care.


I may have run into a similar issue.

I was getting some glory solo on castle and after a few attacks on their taunter (freeing it) I found I had been trapped for a good duration. So I attempted to find the rusher that had trapped me (not sure if there is a way to know other than to click on all of them until you have an attack option) but as I started to attack the one rusher who had an attack option it said there was a taunter and I had to attack first and I said yes please do and long story short I believe it let me bypass the rusher trap in order to kill a newly introduced taunter… although I could be wrong. But something seemed wonky (perhaps just new details I don’t yet fully understand)


You could use a taunter to attack the Garrison directly, but it’d be a very poor use of Troops with Taunters having the second-lowest attack rating of all the Primarchs.

Or a great way to bypass all the defenders and go straight to the garrison.


We’ll try to reproduce the interaction between the different Primarch types to verify. Are there any other details you made note of? i.e. Blockade status, whether there was an event running, etc?

@Lutrus, the exact timing of the attacks might be very relevant here. If the enemy arrived, and immediately initiated their attack before your Trap action occurred, that attack will still resolve. Trapping an enemy during an attack will not cancel it.