Attacking the Garrison


The enemy seiger arrived at a base with no fort. He either was attacking someone or just arrived and I went over to him immediately and trapped him, then left for a mine.
More of my teammates arrived and I went back to the contested base. His seiger had the trap animation going on and a trap time countdown, but he proceeded to attack 2-3 times while he was trapped by me and by others.


I think the “then left for a mine” might be the solution here


It very well might be, but I wasn’t the only person to trap him, yet he was still able to attack a destroyer that arrived after he was trapped. I gave eggtoken a battle report of the incident with the timeline over pm so hopefully that helps some.


Actually, this might be due to this:

So there’s a very high possibility that it’s fixed in v4.10. Let’s wait and see, and if it occurs again after the update, we’ll definitely inspect it again.


Ooh, alright will test when the update appears.

As an aside, can a rusher* trap and then run away so he doesn’t get hit, but still leave the trapped prime trapped?


When i used to do this the animation used to go away. Also interested in the answer.


Nothing says fun like slowly working your way through 40 1 troops entities on a garrison. That is 40 x 3 min so 2 hours of your life gone. Did you not attack that castle for strategic purposes? Nah…I just didnt want to spend 2 hours of my life hitting bases for 1 troop.


This will no longer be an issue in v4.15 (for garrisons) because garrisons will only have one attackable entity – the castle troops. For primarchs, we’re looking at splash damage or spill damage options (beyond 4.15).


Interesting, I am very curious how the castle troops is going to play out.


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