Attacks and complaints

Is there nothing that can be done to stop multiple attacks in a row? I had another leader complain about one of my team members attacking 4 times and I told my team they can only revenge once. But the same thing is happening to my team! It needs to be the same across the board. Also, how is it fair for a level over 500 attack a level under 200?

Because that lvl 500 would have to attack the lvl 200 about 500 times to get anything…

It sounds like he/she doing egg missions with a low leveled dragon

Are you saying your team is being farmed or is it sporadic attacks?

Or more likely quest item. I have Revenge 5 times as one of my quests. Perhaps they only have 1 attack that they feel they can revenge and win showing in their history.(though I don’t think you have to even destroy anything, just start revenge attack and quit will give credit I believe…)


Lvl500 must’ve overpowered the base and can’t solo around his/her lvl.
I only revenge for the quests because I have bad memory. I could be revenging someone who came to revenge me. There’s no list of the ppl I attacked, can’t be sure who started first.

if this is happening often, maybe your team mates are jerks?


Android can only see one replay actually

My team is being farmed. I personally got attacked 7 times by one person.

There is always a reason…

I find revenge attacks are more headache than they are worth. I don’t bother with them. I’ve been farmed by people and I’ve tried revenging but always end up on the losing end because they are typically lower level than me so I am always a net negative on rss and other items used. I’ve tried reasoning with them in PM but normally that is just ignored. Could be they don’t know English since the game spans many countries or they are just a jerk. In my experience they typically get bored eventually and move on or they stop getting as much rss and move on. The only other thing you can try is a name change to drop the bookmark but as long as they know your team they can just looking up and figure out which base is your and bookmark it again. No easy way to deal with them other than ignore it and remember it’s just a game so don’t get upset over it. After all they are only stealing 1s and 0s ultimately.

You can use ban

I believe the block option only keeps them from messaging you or seeing them in LC. Don’t think it will stop them from attacking your base but I could be wrong.

Perhaps this is due to the revenge quest that is going about…

I don’t think that will stop them attacking. I had the same problem last week and it is really annoying but put simply you can’t make it stop and it won’t feel like it but someone else will annoy them soon and they will move on. Until then keep your rss under protected amount so they get nothing and like someone else said try a name change will delete you from their bookmarks.

a 500 wont get rss from 200 fyi

The revenge quests are super easy, you don’t even need to win, just revenge attack. So level 1 ember and quit

Fun Fact: A level 1 Ember appears to have a minimum healing time of 20 seconds


Welcome to last July when ember came out. :yum:


Nothing at all?
I assumed they wouldn’t get much but they get nothing?
I can attack 140 levels lower than me and I still get something.

I’ve never had to use my ember so many times in a row before, so I never noticed the healing time before.

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