Attacks and complaints


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Sounds like this could be the gold farming I predicted?


It is a result of one of your members engaging in ping-pong revenge raids?


No it is not ping pong… I just got home from work and the same individual attacked again 3 more times in a row. How do I report someone and team?


What game are you playing?


War Dragon


Does your team have Atlas?


If they are in a chat, use the Block and Report icon. Else, you can put in a ticket.

But, have you tried writing to him to ask why? :eyes:

Edit: They might be attacking on behalf of someone else. It’s best to ask.


I’m guessing gold farming… island upgrades are spendy!


War dragon’s, yep. Attack them back, use negotiations, visit them in atlas, w/e, but it is a war game so it’s a little out of the character of the game to report someone for attacking :man_shrugging:t3:




No we are not in Atlas… and I wrote the leader and turned in a ticket.


You could always mention this so called player by name and accidentally leak his team name also


I had a bit of a whinge at a team leader because of this … turned out that I was just the perfect base for the egg token missions his guy had to do …


Lol turned in a ticket saying what exactly?

This is a WAR game!


Such outlandish behavior! Stay strong through these trying times, emotional support
Or farm his a** back and take 10x the rss.


Did he write back yet?


Finally did… told me is I wanted to report him that was fine.


He didn’t say why he was farming you? :thinking:


I had a guy that would farm me alot… I’m at 148, he was like 170 when it started. We’d trade hits, so no biggie.

Guess he got a wild hair to level up cause now he’s over 300… btw his base is barely strong enough I can’t 5 flame it, so yeah.

Last time he hit me it took him 3 dragons to kill my base. Then he hit me a second time so I sent him a message telling him politely to stop leveling and start breeding… he hit me a few more times.

I sent him a msg letting him know his attacks were hilarious, and I couldn’t wait to record them and post them on the forums as an instructional video on how to suck at attacking.

He never hit me again.

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