Attacks and complaints


Now that is priceless!!!


That story reminds me of the One Time at War Dragons thread :joy:


Oh, I’ll add a link there :grin:


Mobile forums are a pain in the behind sometimes and I couldn’t find it for a minute :joy: I haven’t taken my nap today.

Edit: Misread your comment. I think I’ll take my nap now


For xp…


Now that is funny!!


Renee, you should shorten your base so it is less tempting. The shorter, the less monuments to hit. There’s also a base building guide thread in the forum, it’ll help you decide how to go about it. :rose:

Edit: Link to the guide


Plus your base would be great for lightning tasks with 7 of them


Thank you… I appreciate that!


Some people will just start farming you for no reason. I’ve had it happen, and I tried mailing the player and revenging. Problem was I didn’t want to waste time in a pointless tit for tat game especially against someone who never answered my mails and enjoyed griefing.

The point is we have to accept that some players are just dicks and enjoy spoiling other people’s fun.


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