Attacks are blocked?


@PGDave So I can just sail into someone’s area and block their mine and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it? Great.

I attacked this person twice. Nada.


Shields on islands are usually always up during pvp events. If the team wanted to they could lower the shield and attack you then put it right back up. You can attack as many times as you want it won’t count while that pink shield is active.


Question thou why are they allowed into old beta land when we can’t go to new land yet???


Drop your shields, wipe them out, put shields back.

You dont need to drop all islands, I’ve always just dropped one close to the mine


As I understand it, shields are bugged and are improperly protecting nearby mines and poachers. As someone said above, you can temporarily drop shields in that region and kill the interloper. There is text which says if you disable shields they stay off for some unspecified period of time, but that was untrue when I toggled shields last major event for similar reasons.


Dropped shields, killed opponent and raised them right back. Kinda silly but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Shields shouldn’t protect mines. Dropping shields is a workaround for now, but in a future release we will fix the shields so they do not protect anything but the continent.

Attacking on Poachers during PvP majors

Will there also be a fix for shields disabling blockers?
We build huge Fortresses just to have everyone wander through it while the shields are up.


Shields disabling Blockades is intended as a result of the first Bloodlust event (“Kill ships event” at the time). A number of players would become entrapped in an enemy blockade while that continent’s shields were up, and as a result could not attack back to free themselves. Hence, a change was made to disable blockades when shields are up. In some ways, this makes sense: if your castle has sustained enough damage such that its shields are active, then you should not be able to sustain a blockade. HOWEVER, I do realize that event shields are different, and PGEcho is trying to field ideas for what to do about them here.


Sorry but Echo’s post seems to only ask for feedback about if shields should be up during core game PvP events or not, not about how shields should work. Atleast that was my understanding.

I agree with you @PGEggToken that event shields are different which is why I feel they need to be changed. If someone runs into our blockade it’s his fault and he has to wait until he can move on, ask for free passage or has to wait until he got killed. That is the purpose of fortifying our continents and protect our territory. I see no problem with having intact blockades while event shields are up.


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