Attacks at castle - Minimum troops

Guys, at first I was annoyed when I started this post but now it has occurred to me that I just might not have really understood something.

If there were significant changes so that attacks on guards are facilitated (now it’s not the total number of troops that influences but the total of the top 3), if the number of troops per primarch has increased in castles, why the hell do we still have to put up with snipers / pirates with 2-5k troops? Why not set a minimum for attacking castles as well?

I ask this question with mixed anger at the situation, but also doubt whether I actually miss a point.

Thank you all!!!

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would you also like to give a time frame when we should attack at a castle?


Not sure what you mean by “as well”. There’s no troop minimum for defending either.


You put up with it because it’s the most effective way to glory hunt.
Why should the attacker load up 10k troops just
To have the other half of his troops killed off?

I mean… that would be nice! But, I doubt people would go for it. Lol



fair enough to me. its a war game. not hide and seek.

besides, not everyone has time enough to log and fight back. so, most of times, sniper/pirates still would have advantage

if you and your team dont have enough time to defend your castle(s), well, then you know the drill.

I know. And if u dont wanna be attacked, perhaps u should play, i dont know, candy crush or something

So you want to get waved by 10m troop then?


where did i said i dont wanna be attacked? :sparkles::eyes::sparkles:

Well if you are an active team, you have your bots and enfeeble and trap and taunt and all that stuff
How are snipers having an advantage again?

How are poor pirates having an advantage? They barely have any rss to build troops. So what are you on about?

How ever if you are inactive. Don’t like getting sniped? as I’ve said before. Don’t own a castle. Easy.

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I know it sounds weird but is pretty much more fun!!! And I think that makes more sense to the game, make a rotation on castles (I think they could also substantially decrease the number of guards at all castles to increase castle turnover, but it seemed to me that this question would be more appropriate for another post).

Instead get 2-5k snipers? yes I prefer. My better days in atlas was attacking or been attacked with/by millions troops

I’m not specifically talking about pirates. but from any and all sniper with meager troops.

So small players who can’t load up 5k+ per hit aren’t allowed to get glory?

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Snipers have it the worst with the bots, slowed down by double defended bases while getting countered by 2-3 people who quit at 70 percent
So I’ve no idea whatchu mean here


I can’t really say this is about glory. I get hit constantly by players 420+. I am 250. Nothing more then to kill my troops. That really the only thing that annoys me about it. The rest is fair game.


I think each one must act according to their growth.

When I was a very small lvl, I simply hunted in red zones and aligane.

A little bigger, I started small attacks with a little more troops (8-15k… I don’t even have the patience for these 2-5k attacks).

Now a little more mature in the game, with a fluctuating 200k troop balance, I do regular raids with no less than 40k troops.

I understand your point of view and partially agree. But everyone will grow up at some point.

Anyway, Atlas is practically unplayable with less than 75k of floating troops balance (that amount you always max out between live and dead troops)

Edit: and if a player never hits at least this mark (75k), he is playing VERY wrong

Or they just quit which seems to be the less expensive choice ……
How our individual play styles dictate our growth is just that ……
Our play style :man_shrugging:
So unless we want to see player retention drop even further We should probably avoid trying to dictate how others play and grow at the lowest levels of play.
Is there a wrong way ?

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Nothing has actually changed…yes it changed but not as much as PG may have thought.
To hit guards it used to be total troops…when that was the case teams loaded 3k troops and got sniped by prims with 1-2k…
PG changes to only the top 3 count…now a lot of teams are loading 5-7k troops…resulting in more sniping, because loading 2-3k troops is safer than loading 15-20k to maybe get 1 guard hit.

Yeah it sucks for anyone not buried…because if you load prims…you get sniped all day…if you dont load you get your guards eaten…it is a lose lose…and one of the reasons I argued for all castles to get a marshal when this change was proposed…because then teams could actually defend guard hits.

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