Attacks auto-end if follower only has one dragon in active roster

Tested this out multiple times with both teammates and between my own two devices.

To recreate:

  1. Attacker can have a roster with as many dragons as they want
  2. Follower only has one dragon in active roster (in our instance it was a level 1 Ember for xp farming)
  3. Attacker goes through the attack as usual, then swaps out or dies
  4. Follower comes in with their ember, swaps out or dies.
  5. Instead of returning to the dragon select screen for lead attacker, the attack ends with a dragon defeated screen (or maybe a victory screen if you complete over 70%).

At first I thought it was my own game screwing up so I restarted, restarted phone, all that jazz. But me and a teammate (and then after that my own two devices) were able to successfully recreate this while also having 0 issues if the follower had multiple dragons in the roster.

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Have you opened an in-game ticket?

Yes, I opened a support ticket (1034512), they wanted me to share a replay on YouTube but there was no share replay option on the results screen when the battle ended. Only bookmark and attack next.

Record your run.

YouTube Replay

While it doesn’t show the followers attack itself, you can see that when they swap out, I don’t get the screen to select another dragon it just automatically goes right to defeat.

I reported this with a teammate back in December, wonder if it was never forwarded along or is still sitting on a bugfix list :frowning: - but yeah, don’t follow teammates while token farming with only Ember (or other cases where there’s only one dragon on the roster).


I had a feeling someone must have stumbled upon this in the past. Seems like something too likely to happen for me to have only just now hit upon it.

I just chalked it up to a “normal” WD glitch

Thanks for saving me the effort of making this post. I lost a LOT of energy the last PVP event because I wasn’t paying enough attention to why this glitch was happening. After I figured it out I placed a service ticket. Of course, they asked me to provide video proof and gave me the usual run-around before it was clear this was a glitch on their end. I’m surprised they don’t have a list of “open issues” they can reference to save the customer a bit of needless work in proving they actually have an issue.

One more bit of info: if there are 2 followers, the glitch doesn’t arise. Has to be 1 follower with a single dragon.

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