Attention breeding event issues Boycott cancelled please like and comment here


Hi all the boycott was rejected I understand all want to get rewards so.
I am asking all teams and players everyone worldwide.
To message help team to support changing event. Reference this post
Breeding has become impossible 500 egg fragments 1000 egg fragments
1500 egg fragments and higher.
Please all player message a push for change the more we get to support the more likely they are to listen fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


But I want hau :man_shrugging:t3:


Me too :joy::joy::joy: I refuse to boycott. I need Hauset in my life :heart_eyes:


This will achieve nothing. You will not get widespread enough support for this to make any difference. All that will happen is those that choose to boycott will miss out on a month of breeding and sigils needed for end of season.

You would be better off encouraging as many people as you can to go comment on this thread. I bet if they got 1000 comments on there they would take notice.

I flew my ass off this month to get my 195k tokens for Hau and nothing is going to stop me getting him. Sorry.


I doubt a boycott would ever work, but I agree with your sentiments 150%! My team are wailing about 170 frags! When I tell them what’s to come they just want to quit. The Only way I can see a groundswell objection make an actual impact is if you contact the leaders of every team in your league, and get it passed to other leagues via the top player lists, or call for league reps to work their leagues for you. and ask the leader of each team, who should be happy to help, to put together a list of their players who support your complaint,(again, easy) and get to email it to one of the game gurus on a certain time on a certain day.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get the ball rolling - say Seasons End

Good luck. My name will be on the list



:joy:But I need Iteru so I can start Hau. I see what u were trying to do there but a boycott will get u nowhere, try another solution​:+1:


A boycot only works if you can get diamond and sapphire teams to commit.
It happened before, hence the new divine seasonal system.


Not a chance


So looking forward to breeding! how can we live without it? I get atleast 3 legendary greens :star_struck:


I should get a legendary garnet, legendary emerald and mythic emerald if I play my cards right


Please share your concerns get as many as we can here hopefully they take notice


Nice! I was happy with 177k so far. Breeding is still easier to get 450 sigils for free than most PVP events with megacoin instead of bonus meter. IMO


You choose the wrong event to call your boycott, for one…


Breeding event Sucks Bigtime! I just spent 50,000 tokens trying to get Durga, ONLY because I need him for Gold dragon breeding (now I find out he’s needed for Ochre too) 50k Of tokens on a 60 frag egg, gone in 5 minutes… and I still had to use 14 mystic frags ton get the bugger. Best Breeding only gets you a 2% chance… more like 0.2% chance. That’s the key word, isn’t it… ‘chance’.
Of my team, there’s an 80% chance that the Event is done and dusted 5 minutes after it began. And now for my next trick… the Amazing Five Day Boring Wait! Who can survive it??


You poor thing, just wait till the sapphire wall. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sorry to hear that.

I would suggest to you finding a breeding guide. Will help you for the future. All the best.


As I’ve mentioned in another post, you don’t need Durga for any Gold or above breeding. So you wasted your tokens - I’m sorry for you.

Please please please follow a breeding guide. Please.


Breeding doesn’t suck, players wait weeks to use tokens saved for days and they are all gone within minutes, true, but you are given rewards for something you have to do absolutely to grow : getting new Dragons… This is awesome you mean!

And as others said, breeding paths online are really crucial if you don’t want to waste resources on useless dragons or Dragons you can easily backbreed afterwards (this means that the dragon is obtained as a by-product from a higher tier mating pair).

  1. Find a breeding guide and follow it

  2. If you think that is bad, you are in for a very very rude awakening once you move past gold dragons

  3. You just wasted all of your egg tokens on a dragon that you don’t even need


You could also plan to breed multiple dragons in the event. Gorgonus today, Ursa on Sunday :tada:

Getting the best experience out of any game takes planning and time/grinding (or spending).