Attention MLG players ☆KOTH REBORN☆


Who would like to see one of the greatest PVP events return to us with a fancy new feature to replace barricades as an item you acquire with participation, activity, or even skill instead of something wallet warriors could obtain at the click of a button? ( items acquired only valid through current event and resets each time event ends )

I know i would, would feel like christmas morning to me lol

LETS BRING IT BACK! :vulcan_salute::alien:


War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives

I don’t think they’ll make it come back, as loved as King of the Hill was before megacoins and for the teams able to keep the highest castles. As pointed out, KotH had a lot of bugs, more and more after each iteration.

We have enough bugs ingame for not requesting an old retired event back. Let it rest.






Instead of just replying “never” like this, which makes you look childish, why don’t you point out how and why it should come back and prove me wrong? 🤷



Just bring back the RAID button. Any event with RAID is a good event.
We love KOTH because RAID.



That. You can have 100% support from me. I want the raid button back.

And the bonus meter! I want the bonus meter back which was a plus for non spenders who were very active!



NO, i want the pyramid stage of different size castles so that the event is always changing like it is alive itself. I love it. Bring it back pg

But yes raid included



I think the concept of KOTH is interesting. Certainly the barricades and weapons (I can’t recall) were an interesting trip. But almost all the PvPs now are the same grind over and over. Keep smacking the same base repeatedly. Rinse and repeat. I wish there was some variety in mechanics for each PvP event that would add a bit of pizzazz to them.



KOTH was different, you choose what is best course deciding between say a 15k + two 12k point over a 30k with weighing factors being what team has it and how bad they wanna keep it or are able to keep it… stuff* like that

Bring. It. Back.



For me this is completely unacceptable and I refuse just that, to accept it. This can be done just dont half ass it and stick with it damnit quit gettin cold feet when making decisions. Speaking of decisions lets eliminate the reason anyone cant do something being because you already accept defeat in the sense you will fail to provide adequate satisfaction or not be able to meet the legendary and righteous bar that this event sets… Im at my point i need more from this game, personally, i feel many already before me have met this point in their investment.

Just gonna have to get used to me voicing it when i feel im right or ban/ block me bc im infinite when at this point and its as easy as breathin… or killin :smiling_imp:



:frowning_face: thought from the tags that this was an actual announcement… @moderators shouldn’t this thread be under suggestions or general discussion?



I was debating it… now that it has been requested I’ll move it

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Actual announcement? From someone without PG in their name? Yall killin me :rofl: but do what u must

Just wanted the attention so ppl read it bc i want it to happen. Sry to mislead

Suggestions btw does seem appropriate yet at the same time…



I’d like you to stop assuming I’m accepting anything or not making decisions (from the tone of your post it looked like it). I’m not in position to make a decision, I’m just a player like you voicing their opinion.

So I’m sorry pal, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. I have strictly no more say in the future of War Dragons than you have… Just saying in case you thought otherwise.

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Why are you assuming that i am assuming you are somehow responsible for a pg staff members words?

Your input has been accepted and unless you can point out the right tree for me to bark up then seems we are finished with this interaction



It was moved because the section you posted it in is for Events. This is not an event, but a suggestion for an event, so I moved it. Please accept it and continue the discussion about your event at your leisure.

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It was an event but since you want to get technical af with me just to put me in my place i guess then i guess ill just have to accept it like i thought i did in my previous comment where i felt the change was suitable just is also what feels like a trash can department. A sad but true statement of realization that i tried to make light of yet fell short on in i guess delivery idk anyway understood forum monitor



It wasn’t to put you in your place. Notice I said that I had read your post, considered moving it, and did not UNTIL a community member tagged the mods in a post. My apologies that you feel anyone was singling you out for anything, but please keep the snarkiness and snide comments to yourself and just continue your conversation as suggested earlier.



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