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Ever since the 3.73 update one of my accounts got a totally different help center. For ever since I have been playing help has been powered by Helpshift. They are transferring everything over to a new platform, which one of the options is zendesk (at least I am under the implication of that). So far it’s a work in progress, some serious copy and pasting is still required on their end. But of most importance is the way how you submit tickets (which everyone enjoys), gone are the select-your-problem tabs (no weekly event, no feedbacks and suggestions, no cheater, other technical issues tabs). There is only one tab and that is “New”. In addition you can have more than one ticket open! They are still programming it and trying to figure out if it’s the onethough so that might change. You also get an email every time they respond to you, with some security concerns nonetheless. If PGJared was to email you would get his name (first and last name), and probably his picture. Or in my case see the gorgeous picture of one of the support people. I probably creeped out the poor lady (my apologies Mina), and I am sure that many are probably deleting there profile pictures currently. PG is going to to have to find some way to block that and just show the first name. So what does everyone think about this change?


Multiple tickets = halleluja

If this in any ways means (1) we can get away from canned resposes - yay

(2) If it means they can somehow sort players into different help platforms. If someone with 100m medals opens a ticket, and the response is “We know getting rewards from events can be stressful, but don’t worry, your…” I’m sure they are not impressed.

Also when they try tell diamond players “gold chests were never drops from momuments” or similar lack of knowledge it grinds gears.

So if it improves support, I’m all for it.


PGJared noted that there was a CRM update in 3.71, they must have turned it on finally.


You’re one of the early guinea pigs :tada:

Do you get push notifications from it (if you’re submitting from in-game)? I usually don’t anymore from helpshift.


I myself hope that there will be a change in how responding is handled, but when I wrote in I received a classic response, so my guess is that it is purely cosmetic.

And @forScience I didn’t not see any icon denoting that they responded, only an email. They said they were working on that.


So, Zendesk is the new CRM we’re testing. There is still some stuff to iron out, but right now 10% of players have access to it so we can finish polishing. As for a few of the concerns raised:

  1. You only see the name or image someone has entered. People can use handles all they want.
  2. Yes, we want to get rid of the “what kind of ticket is it” selector and make the agents have to figure out what kind of ticket it is and tag appropriately.
  3. Yes, you can have multiple tickets. We’re actually going to start splitting people’s tickets apart if they submit a ticket about 200 things at once like some folks do.

If anyone has questions about the new CRM I can try to answer them, but there will be a bigger post around November 10th as we get closer to a full go-live.


Thanks Jared for the extra information.
I’m not really sure why you would want to give your agents extra work of tagging tickets, but that’s up to you all.
Thanks again though!


Because players tend to misallocate their tickets. There are some beliefs that if you mark a ticket “billing” it gets resolved more quickly (it doesn’t) or a generic bug might get marked as an event issue because someone hit that bug during an event.


I think a lot of people don’t know that what help section you file a ticket from matters. I was never sure whether it did or not myself


Android has never had help sections so i only know what you guys are talking about from what others have shared. lol


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