Audio for teammates

I recently thought of a feature which would increase your player happiness. Audio communication in game! Yes that’s right! We are no longer limited to text between teammates! Now it’s possible to turn on your speakers and your microphone to communicate with teammates and better coordinate your teams strategy in events and atlas. Now everyone can keep in touch. What do you think everyone?


Most of the WD community seems to use line for this need.
Some players and other gaming communities prefer Discord.

There are a lot of other apps as well. Historically ventrillo was popular in its day. and it’s free competitor is mumble.

There are other options including skpe, slack (more of an IM app), MS teams, etc.

Lastly, if you want an enterprise class service that still has a freeium model, try which supports Android, Apple, MS Windows, and offers IM texting, voice and video calls, screen sharing and more.


I recommend using Line and doing a team call while you’re playing.
Just judging from the past update, and how defense was completely broken (1/3 of the game), anything big = bad. Lets just keep it simple.


it’s = it is.

possessive of it would be its.

but yeah. i miss vent. q.q

autocorrect does what it does. lolz :slight_smile:

hate being autocorrected. -and word suggestions as my phones sometimes register my think fingertips just b/c… even when i was only tapping on numbers. q.q

This would be great actually, thought about it a year ago but I’m not sure what pg thinks about it. Just like in PUBG, you can turn on/off your mic or team channel on/off whether you want to hear them or not. It would be great for coordinated attacks and defending.

When you want to hear who? All 49 members in TC?
Everyone in LC?
All of the players in each chat group you have?

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