Auggie "The Angry" Hatching

Auggie The Angry Hatchling- fire warrior

(Appearance is chubby and orange with large red circles, yellow eyes. Auggie has a small piece of his shell that is stuck to the top of his head that sits between his ears.

His legs sticking through the bottom half of his shell

Angry Auggie-(White ability)-(cost 1 rage)
-increased breath damage +1500%,
-duration 4 seconds
-cool down 3 seconds

Scary Face (Blue spell- cost 1 rage)

  • reducing all towers attack by 50%,
    -duration 5 seconds
    -cool down 2 seconds

Want My MOMMA! ( White spell-cost 2 rage)

-shields dragon deflecting all incoming damage, shield explodes after 5 seconds causing massive damage to all towers.
-Cooldown 2 seconds.

Holy moly he will nuke bases with that much damage! I like it! We need an op warrior.


Oh a combination of projectile and explosive shield.

You know what would be cool would be a shield that has projectile reversal but it doesn’t shoot it out until the shield explodes at the end doing all the projectiles at once. I guess this would just be a slower version though because the projectiles should have to travel.

I guess a better version is just storing up the damage negated by shield and adding it to the damage the shield already does on explosion.

Looks boring


That’s…. That’s a lot of damage… oh boy that’s a lot of damage….

Maybe tune this down to like 300.

1000% would be pretty nice

It would be 2.5 times I think the highest damage steroid on the game. I am not sure that is right to balance at all

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