Auto Battle - Official Discussion Thread

Relax a little and let Auto Battle do some of your runs! Check out the blog post here: Auto Battle is Now Available for All Users

  • OK Computer! (Positive)
  • Robodragons, huh? (Neutral)
  • Wait, are my dragons The Matrix now? (Negative)

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Best change in a while!!!


Have a question can someone explain what matrix is?

I feel as if this could make my skills literally be drained by a auto command


I love it!!!

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If my dragons are in the matrix does that make Galileo an agent?


Missster Rangerson…


My button disappeared I had it for a while but now it’s gone . Did I miss something

Is this Auto Battle now compatable with invokers? As earlier it was not supporting invokers to auto battle and also ‘AUTO’ button never appeared while using invoker class in battles

OH! Might be using an invoker after your first dragon in battle died :face_with_head_bandage:

O it’s just gone I have no option anymore

No … etc

So it will be available when the update releases to all and updating the game and restating the game
Just have fun untill the update come :innocent: :hugs: :hugs:

Do others have it now ? Would be odd for me to have it and now I don’t but others now have it

Have you updated? Since the update pushed it out to everyone maybe they turned off the beta version.

Edit: If by saying “I had it for awhile” you mean you had it before the update.

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I did. Maybe reboot the app🤔. Do you have it

I do. I didn’t immediately after updating though, I had to hard close and re-open the game.

Edit: And I didn’t have it in Beta.

I almost submitted a ticket on it, was going to try a fresh install as next step but the hard close worked for me.

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Ok thanks I will give that a try.

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Please update to 5.27. If you are on 5.26, Autobattle will not be enabled. If you’re on 5.27 and still don’t see Autobattle, let us know.

To answer questions about Autobattle and Invokers, Autobattle does not work with Invokers.


Let me check